“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”--Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reese Inspiration

Remember when I had a blog and would post semi-often?  I have missed blogging so much in the past year that I have been itching to get back to it, and spring break is a perfect time!  (Yes, my school is on spring break in May, it is crazy.)

I have been having a wonderful staycation and between sprucing up my home a bit, I have watched a ton of movies, including This Means War.  Chris Pine is dreamy, and Reese (always a fashion idol) looks divine in every scene.

The blazer over white lace dress may be my favorite look of the movie.

As part of my spring break goal is to simplify my closet, I'm going to channel Reese and choose to keep only perfectly flattering and timeless pieces. 

And I may also need to attempt to find the perfect pink shade Reese wore on her lips to the Met Ball.

I may queue up Sweet Home Alabama for my next movie now.  What's your favorite Reese movie or celebrity style inspiration?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's Been Awhile. . .

To catch-up on what I've been up to over the past few months, here's a quick glance:


I finally wrapped up the project I was the chair of this year for Junior League.  Our theme for our event (an empowerment day for high school girls) was "Stand Up, Stand Out, Be You!" and the centerpieces were adorable.  I hope next year's committee can build on the event we held this year and make it even better.

 SHS and I spent a long weekend in New York as we were able to celebrate the wedding of one of our dear friends.  There are so many pictures I know the trip deserves its own post, but it was so fun to see so many college friends and enjoy my last wedding with my maiden name!

 I then flew from New York to Chicago for work for the week which was exhausting, but amazing because I got to see my bestie, S!  She's moving to DC this summer, so it was fun to get to go to a few more restaurants downtown with her and our favorite places (ie: J.Crew store on Michigan Avenue) before she moves.


SHS and I had our couples' shower!  It was Paris themed (where we're going for our honeymoon) and hosted by my future sister-in-law and mother-in-law.  The decorations were unbelievable, and we're using some at the wedding as well.  My MOH and bestie, S. made a who knows the couple better game and it was hilarious and so much fun.

  My future MIL made us these cake forks and server.  The forks say "You and Me" and "Meant to Be" and the server says "forever starts today."  I can't wait to use them at the wedding!


 We got to spend the Derby with SHS' brother and SIL and our nephew, B.  I am also flying out to Minnesota Thursday morning for my bridal shower with my family and friends there.

 I can't wait to catch up with all of you and read what you've been up to!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New York, New York

After a whirlwind of the past couple weeks, I am frantically packing this morning to jet off to New York this afternoon for the weekend!  I am ecstatic for another trip to drybar, some serious shopping at my favorite places (here, here, here, here, here, here, and of course, here), nibbling on some macarons, trying a fancy restaurant, and seeing so many of SHS's friends at the wedding we are attending Saturday night.

Can't wait to catch-up when I get back.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


In the form of pink and green springy checks.


Friday, February 15, 2013


Happy happy Valentine's Day Weekend! 



Sending love out there to all of you!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Newly Engaged

In light of the very exciting engagement news from BHB, my own engage-aversary this weekend, and it being such a popular time of the year for engagements (between Christmas and Valentine's Day), I thought today's Wedding Wednesday would be a well timed for a primer on the first few weeks of being engaged.

Before you even get started with all of the fun early tasks and spreading the news, make sure to take time with your new fiance to enjoy the bliss that comes with a new engagement.  Talk about how much you appreciate each other, how excited you are to be engaged, and make sure to have your nails ready to show off that gorgeous sparkler 24/7.  

1st: Have a plan to spread the happy news!
I majorly failed in this arena.  The night I got engaged I called my family, bestie, and that was it.  Since SHS's parents were coming in two weeks, we decided it'd be more fun to tell them in person so we waited until they came before telling more people.  After that I had hoped to call or email more friends, but after someone posted something on facebook about us being engaged, we decided to change our facebook status to engaged together before we received more posts and try to call a few more people quickly in hopes we wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings for not calling them.  (If you don't have facebook, this may be easier for you, but I'd still ensure you call your close friends and family instead of having them hear it through the grapevine.)

2nd: Buy one wedding planning book which you can go to for any random questions that happen throughout the wedding planning process and begin to find a few fun magazines
I bought Mindy Weiss' The Wedding Book and it has been a great help with invitation wording, wedding veil lengths, and a few other helpful things to know.  This was especially helpful towards the beginning as it includes questions to ask of potential vendors and things to think about.  If you have been involved in lots of weddings or have lots of close friends how have been recently married, you may not need a big wedding 101 book like this, but I liked having it and used it a lot.  
I also subscribed to Martha Stewart Weddings (which I love) and bought The Knot, Real Simple's Wedding edition, a local wedding magazine, Brides and a few others every time I went to the grocery store for the first few months.  I found that The Knot had the most dresses, but MSW was best overall and with pinterest and general ideas I had I haven't bought many new ones lately other than Southern Living Weddings and Southern Weddings (two seperate magazines, both with gorgeous real weddings) which I also love.  Don't be too overwhelmed with choices and details yet as your mind may change, especially if it's before you have a venue booked and if you have a long engagement.

3rd: Start thinking about time of year, city of wedding, and ideal venue "feel" within the first few weeks.
When we got engaged we decided on the timing (May or June of 2013), city (Cleveland), and then emailed a few potential venues to take a tour.  I had my mind set on one place and then before the tour someone else booked the date we had targeted (May 25).  I had a serious bridal panic attack and asked if we could put down a deposit without even seeing the venue, but luckily they said no and as soon as we toured I knew it wasn't the right fit for us anyway.  Within the first few minutes of touring the venue we did chose I knew it was my favorite as I could picture almost every detail of my wedding there.  As we left I started crying happy tears and told SHS the same.  We booked it the next week.  We booked in February for the following May and only one of the three top choices had our date available, and within the next few weeks the choices were even slimmer as I know our venue told us there was a mom who was trying to convince her daughter to have a Thursday wedding so she could still have that venue.  If you are more flexible with dates, it may be easier to find the best fit for a venue.  And as soon as you have your date and venue, other things may be easier to imagine (including your dress).

4th:  Buy thank you cards
I was so pleasantly surprised to receive fun gifts, bottles of champagne, and congratulations cards when we announced our engagement.  Writing thank you cards were much more fun on pretty engaged stationery.  (Target has a few adorable designs and there is a plethora online.)

5th: Buy a binder or start some serious spreadsheets
I didn't think I needed a full wedding planning binder at the beginning as I had an excel spreadsheet of potential venues, guest lists, and other lists.  I have recently started one though as it's nice to have a place to put pictures out of magazines to bring to your florist, baker, caterer and for other meetings when you have to describe your wedding style.  Katherine at Just Lovely has a super helpful post about creating your own binder that you should definitely check out if you haven't already.

And above all, ENJOY this fun time!  What tips did you receive about early wedding planning?  Any other advice I missed?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring Lilly Lust List

Things have been crazy hectic for me lately while preparing for a big review at work, chairing a Junior League event that is scheduled for the first weekend in March, and of course wedding planning.  As I tackle my long to-do lists this week, I will be dreaming of spring Lilly and trying to pick my favorites.

The Posey dress in resort white spring fling just screams bridal luncheon.  (And yes, I do love those shoes, too.)

Or the Freja in new green everything nice.

The Lowe dress in resort white pop with the most perfect peplum would be fabulous for a summer soiree or date night with my future hubs.  (Bonus points if you have a summer birthday, as the balloon print is adorable!)

Although I have quite a few striped numbers already, the striped Briella and Joslin are absolutely lovely, and what a timeless touch with the silk scarf in the model's hair!

And there's no way I could pass up a dress in flutter blue lucky charm--maybe the Briella  or the Nienie and a matching tie for SHS! (April Couple shower possibility?)

I would love to add the Malibu blazer in every print to my closet--check out that gorgeous back detail!

And a new gold clutch to go with everything.

What is on your spring lust list?