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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Easiest Dessert Ever.

The bf and I both adore entertaining, and we have different specialties.  He often cooks dinner and I am so grateful that he is so talented at creating fun new recipes.

I love making dessert.  Bf's brother and SIL live near us, so we often have them over for dinner or go over to their lovely home.  Usually the host makes dinner, and the guests bring salad or dessert.

A few weeks ago we got invited over, and I didn't have time to make something elaborate, so I made the easiest dessert ever.  Chocolate covered strawberries and bananas!

I've made chocolate covered strawberries before, but the bf doesn't love them, so I also used bananas which he likes a lot more.

For a special touch, I added sprinkles to them!  They were a great hit and I have been making them more frequently lately.  They're the best combination of sweet fruit and a little chocolate. :)

Do you have any easy desserts or other recipes that are always a hit?

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