“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”--Audrey Hepburn

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

I hope 2012 brings YOU much joy, laughter, and a bit of bling. ;)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Perfect (almost) Christmas Weekend

Friday night, Midwestern Miss and I went to one of our favorite burger places and split one of the best milkshakes ever--homemade mint chocolate chip.  It was pretty much tied for best food ever with the homemade chips and cheese dipping sauce.  It was great to see her and have a fun night, but I'll miss her as she moved out of the area because she's done with school!  Can't wait to jealously gchat with her while she's in Florida studying for the bar. ;)

Saturday morning I woke up early to volunteer for Junior League. Waking up to snow was a wonderful surprise and it really got me into the holiday spirit.  Driving home in it after volunteering with unplowed roads on the other hand. . .

I have wanted a dutch oven for awhile, and finally found one that was perfect!  I bought a gorgeous Staub in blue with 4 matching mini croquettes.  I used them to make crab mac and cheese (recipe must be shared soon) for a special Saturday night dinner with the bf.

Since we part for Christmas, each going to home, we decided to start a fun tradition this year and have a special "Christmas" night together.  We had wonderful food (pomegranate champagne sparklers for me, crab mac and cheese, roasted asparagus, and steak!) and opened presents while listening to Christmas music.  Luckily I found the Lilly stockings I had made a couple years ago just in the nick of time as they were hiding in a box in storage separate from my other holiday decor.

The bf totally spoiled me and I am so lucky for all of the goodies he got me and for him being in my life.  It was a perfect evening.  I also was very happy the way the craft paper and ribbons turned out.  I have some more wrapping to do tonight so I don't have to do too much last minute.

Sunday I had brunch with the bf, his brother, SIL and their adorable baby.  I couldn't resist ordering shrimp and grits and partaking in the restaurant's bloody mary bar.

How was your weekend?  Ready for Christmas?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Friday Video

Although the Mariah version will of course of course of course be a major classic forever, I have to admit I do love this video and the addition of the Biebs.  I'm hoping this video on repeat will help me plow through a ton of work today!  What're your fun weekend plans?  And what should I add to my Michael Buble/Justin Bieber/Mariah/classicChristmas musicals holiday playlist?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

According to my facebook newsfeed (somehow I get super random things from groups I didn't know I belonged to), Holly Golightly's Breakfast at Tiffany's home is for sale.  I can't think of a better place to throw some wild parties and get very dolled up for going out.

Curbed.com gives a few more details, 
"After 11 years under the thumb of a former Merrill Lynch broker who was docked for insider trading, the Manhattan townhouse made famous by the iconic Audrey Hepburn flick Breakfast at Tiffany's has again come up for sale. Listed for $5.85M, the 15-foot-wide Upper East Side house served as the backdrop for the exterior shots, but, disappointingly, it seems most of the interiors were shot on a sound stage. That would explain why Mr. Yunioshi's top-floor artist's atelier is nowhere to be found on the floor plan!" 

So what do you say?  Pool our collective holiday presents and ask for this instead? We should probably act quickly--we don't want this one to get away! ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quite Possibly

The cutest holiday pillow ever.  Bonus points for being able to leave it out past New Year's. . . 

You can order yours (or one for me) here. ;)

Monday, December 12, 2011

White House Christmas

When I lived in D.C. a few years ago I had the honor of going to the National Tree Lighting Ceremony as well as a ceremony at The White House later that year.  The beauty of The White House was astounding to me, and I was in awe walking from room to room imagining all of the Presidents and their families living in the house and all of the important visitors along with all of the parties that took place over the years in the gorgeous rooms!

Last night HGTV aired White House Christmas 2011, and the decorations are too special not to share!

The Blue Room tree includes ornaments from every branch of the military.

 There are versions of Bo in every room.

 The Gold Star Family Tree in honor of all Gold Star Families.

And of course Bo was also featured in the gingerbread house.
all pictures via

If you ever have an opportunity to go to The White House (especially during the holidays) you must go!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Just May Be

A Girly Girl! 

Appreciates the full rainbow of colors but counts pink, pink and pink at her first three favoritesCannot turn down a second glass of champagneNails are likely the most delightful shade of pinkHas been known to spend afternoons getting lost in art museumsAdores big, beautiful bowsKnows the rules but is very comfortable breaking themLoves to pamper her loved ones with delightfully wrapped presentsCan watch “Father of the Bride” (1 and 2) over and over and over and over and….Delights in Baubles and all things sparkly – glitter is an obsession Is known in certain circles as the best gift giver e-v-e-r. (when in doubt, give something you want for yourself!) Makes her own holiday gift tagsThinks Cary Grant is dashingIs always prepared! Kitchen has hors d’oeuvres on hand for a spontaneous cocktail party of 8 to 80Swoons over colorful macaroons and the lovely boxes they come inKnows how to garnish a cocktail but beats all the boys at flip cup The L.B.D. in her wardrobe stands for Little Bright Dress • Has a mountain bike, a cruiser and an old 10 speed from the flea market…all can be ridden in a sundress, you know)Writes quite the thank you note and knows the US Mail is the ultimate vehicle to deliver her sweet messages on the chicest of stationery Always greets you with a smile with hugs AND kisses on top!

I saw this and just had to share as it was as if it was written for me!  Are you a girly girl?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Fancies Birthday Edition

Today is my birthday and I'm very excited to have a great weekend planned that begins with a special birthday dinner before the Nutcracker tonight with the bf.  I'd definitely wear this outfit (looooove that clutch!) in my dream world.*

*Fortunately, this gorgey dress may also be happening in reality tonight. ;)

Join the Friday's Fancies fun over with {av} at {long distance loving}!

What are your weekend plans?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. . .

I have been snapping photos non-stop of all the wonderful holiday decor I've been seeing lately around town (and in my own little place).  It's getting me so much more excited for Christmas!

How have you been decorating for the holidays?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lisa Vanderpump

I just adore every detail of Lisa Vanderpump's home.  She sold it this autumn, but I'm sure that her style will be replicated in a new home (and future season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).  The mirrored furniture, gorgeous creams and soft pinks, fresh flowers and all of the luxe details. Don't even get me started on that table in the wine cellar.  Her home is my girly fantasy home if I had a husband that didn't mind so much glamour and pink. ;)

 all via

Join the fun at Daphne's for SWW!

Is there a home you're drooling over on TV?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Musings

You just cannot go wrong with the possibility of winning $500 from Lilly here!

I'm still dreaming of the brat sliders the bf made for Saturday night's Wisconsin game--brats with caramelized onions on a pretzel roll with beer cheese sauce.  Phenomenal.

I can't wait to paint my nails this week with my new nail polish from Julep Maven.  You take a style quiz and get a box every month with colors that match your style.  You can also skip the month or send it to a friend which is fun.  Opening the box is such a treat each month and it's always wrapped like a special present!

I don't know if I can wait until January for a new Gossip Girl.  I hope by that time Lonely Boy can find a barber.  This dress Serena wore was one of my favorites--Mrs. Pink Champagne loved it as well! ;)

What's new with you this week?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Wish List

Every year I give my parents (and the bf) a very long wishlist for my birthday.  This then gets tweaked a bit for Christmas.  As my birthday is this week, I thought I better get on it. 

Glitter.  Obvi.

One of the most beautiful necklaces ever.

A fun pair of dancing shoes.

Some new wineglasses for when I'm pretending I live in Provence.

I'd have a really hard time not wearing this every week.

Some new Sorels--perfect for my New Year's ski trip with the bf.

A gorgeous clock for my bedroom.  Doesn't it feel better to sleep in on the weekends when you can gaze at this lovely clock to see how late you've slept?

A new bike for warmer weather.

This would be tres parfait with my new boots. ;)

Fun earrings for monochrome outfit blahs.

You can never have too much glitter.

A cozy sweater for nights by the fire. (Note to self: need a fireplace.)

I'm also a fan of diamonds, if anyone is wondering.

What's on your holiday list?