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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

 by Inslee

My favorite month of the year is December and my favorite time of the year is Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. Being a December baby and growing up in Minnesota, I live for the first snowfall of the year (the best one ever being October 1st in high school when I got to run in the snow for cross country before joining friends for a snowball fight), love skiing and ice skating, and have more winter coats than most people have pairs of jeans.


 What do you love most about this time of the year?


  1. Those pictures are soo beautiful!! I love this time of year also. New follower :)


  2. I love the pictures too they are gorgeous!
    & I love this time of year too!
    My favorite thing about December (and this time of year in general) is the general good will people share. It is so nice that (most) people want to help others this time of year, I wish the rest of the year was the same way!

    & I love when it snows! Living in the South it's not always guaranteed every year but last year we were bless with a White Christmas (my daughter's 1st Christmas ever)! That is a big deal in Georgia!!!