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Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Wish List

Every year I give my parents (and the bf) a very long wishlist for my birthday.  This then gets tweaked a bit for Christmas.  As my birthday is this week, I thought I better get on it. 

Glitter.  Obvi.

One of the most beautiful necklaces ever.

A fun pair of dancing shoes.

Some new wineglasses for when I'm pretending I live in Provence.

I'd have a really hard time not wearing this every week.

Some new Sorels--perfect for my New Year's ski trip with the bf.

A gorgeous clock for my bedroom.  Doesn't it feel better to sleep in on the weekends when you can gaze at this lovely clock to see how late you've slept?

A new bike for warmer weather.

This would be tres parfait with my new boots. ;)

Fun earrings for monochrome outfit blahs.

You can never have too much glitter.

A cozy sweater for nights by the fire. (Note to self: need a fireplace.)

I'm also a fan of diamonds, if anyone is wondering.

What's on your holiday list?


  1. Oh, my my! May I just copy your wishlist pretty please?! I am obsessed with everything you listed. The glitter, the colors, the sparkle! I think we have to go shopping together one day, ma'am.... XOXO

  2. Your wishlist is amazing!!! Especially the last item! ;)

  3. Ha..like that last one. Is that a clue for someone???

  4. I love everything on your list! Those Sorels are at the top of mine right now because my husband and I are moving to Lake Tahoe in January and I feel like I'm going to need them!

  5. your list is pretty good! I also want to get a pair of Sorels...i currently have the fleece lined Bean ones but want both! haha

  6. I love ALL of those things! especially diamonds ;)

  7. Oh goodness I love everything on here! I'm the opposite of you though, my birthday is right after Christmas so I take the Christmas list and tweak it a little for my birthday after :)

  8. Oh my what a fabulous wishlist!!! LOVE that necklace. xo

  9. That dress. I need it. On my body. Immediately.