“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”--Audrey Hepburn

Monday, December 19, 2011

Perfect (almost) Christmas Weekend

Friday night, Midwestern Miss and I went to one of our favorite burger places and split one of the best milkshakes ever--homemade mint chocolate chip.  It was pretty much tied for best food ever with the homemade chips and cheese dipping sauce.  It was great to see her and have a fun night, but I'll miss her as she moved out of the area because she's done with school!  Can't wait to jealously gchat with her while she's in Florida studying for the bar. ;)

Saturday morning I woke up early to volunteer for Junior League. Waking up to snow was a wonderful surprise and it really got me into the holiday spirit.  Driving home in it after volunteering with unplowed roads on the other hand. . .

I have wanted a dutch oven for awhile, and finally found one that was perfect!  I bought a gorgeous Staub in blue with 4 matching mini croquettes.  I used them to make crab mac and cheese (recipe must be shared soon) for a special Saturday night dinner with the bf.

Since we part for Christmas, each going to home, we decided to start a fun tradition this year and have a special "Christmas" night together.  We had wonderful food (pomegranate champagne sparklers for me, crab mac and cheese, roasted asparagus, and steak!) and opened presents while listening to Christmas music.  Luckily I found the Lilly stockings I had made a couple years ago just in the nick of time as they were hiding in a box in storage separate from my other holiday decor.

The bf totally spoiled me and I am so lucky for all of the goodies he got me and for him being in my life.  It was a perfect evening.  I also was very happy the way the craft paper and ribbons turned out.  I have some more wrapping to do tonight so I don't have to do too much last minute.

Sunday I had brunch with the bf, his brother, SIL and their adorable baby.  I couldn't resist ordering shrimp and grits and partaking in the restaurant's bloody mary bar.

How was your weekend?  Ready for Christmas?


  1. Fun weeekend!! Before we were married, Evan and I always celebrated Christmas together before splitting with celebrate with our families too :) But we usually just had pizza! Your food sounds amazing! The pomegranate champagne & crab mac and cheese sound sooooooo good they are making me hungry!

    And I LOVE your wrapping paper!! So cute :)

  2. Crab mac and cheese???? HEAVEN! Merry Christmas!

  3. OH MY LAWD.....you must share that recipe, soon!!

    Also, mint choc chip is my FAVORITE ICE CREME EVA~

    Merry Christmas Honey!!

  4. How sweet! And the crab mac sounds DELISH!

  5. Everything sounds delicious and I love your Lilly stockings! They are just precious. I'm glad you enjoyed your early Christmas! =)


  6. Seriously, everything about your weekend looks simply delicious. I'd die for a bite of all of it :)

  7. This post is putting me in the Christmas mood :)

  8. Dear Glitterista:

    Former HOPE team member here- what's a girl to wear for New Year's Eve? Looking for the holy trinity: inspiring, under/arond $100, and flattering for a thick honey like myself-- have seen NOTHING at Anthro, BR, Urban, Ann Taylor, or boutiques. Mod Cloth not an option because I don't have 29 inch hips- Help a woman out!

    Best- A Thick Girl in DC

  9. I cannot wait for that crab mac-n-cheese recipe--yumm!!

  10. Thank you for the shout-out! What a fabulous night. I could totally go for chips and cheese, shakes, and burgers right now. Miss you!