“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”--Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Musings

You just cannot go wrong with the possibility of winning $500 from Lilly here!

I'm still dreaming of the brat sliders the bf made for Saturday night's Wisconsin game--brats with caramelized onions on a pretzel roll with beer cheese sauce.  Phenomenal.

I can't wait to paint my nails this week with my new nail polish from Julep Maven.  You take a style quiz and get a box every month with colors that match your style.  You can also skip the month or send it to a friend which is fun.  Opening the box is such a treat each month and it's always wrapped like a special present!

I don't know if I can wait until January for a new Gossip Girl.  I hope by that time Lonely Boy can find a barber.  This dress Serena wore was one of my favorites--Mrs. Pink Champagne loved it as well! ;)

What's new with you this week?


  1. Wasn't the game fabulous?!?!?!? And now I am craving a brat... I think that's an acceptable breakfast food, don't you ??

    Happy Tuesday!!

  2. "I hope that lonely boy can find a barber." Hahaha made me laugh out loud!

  3. omg that brat sandwhich sounds amazing! it isn't something you'd see in oklahoma - How can I make one?!

  4. Not sure I will survive until January 16th with that cliffhanger...the suspense may kill me!

    And STILL dreaming of that gorgeous dress, despite the price tag. ;) XOXO