“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”--Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lilly Resort

I may or may not follow the Lilly facebook page waaaaay too closely, but this week someone just posted that C. Orrico has some resort up! :)

Hip hip hooray!

Here are the items on my wishlist:

Babs Tassel Wrap (great for traveling, and the love letter print is dreamy!)

This Sloane dress would probably be really flattering on.

I really like this print (Bright Navy Booty Caw).

This Adalessa top would be gorgeous with white jeans!  (And I really like the model's necklace.)

What are your favorites? ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Care Package

For my baby brother, I was super excited to mail his Halloween-themed care package this week.  For the best possible care package, it is important to find out what your recipient likes and/or needs.

My brother asked for socks, so of course I had to comply.  He loves J. Crew's critter socks which are hard to find, but I did order him a few pairs from the online factory store a few weeks ago.  (I also took a trick from my parents and hid money in the little packages inside.)

He also asked specifically for cookies, so I sent him Martha's candy corn ones.

I put lots of snack-sized treats in Ziplocks for him to share with friends.  It was too much fun writing on each of the bags!

And I also got to write on the rice crispie bars!  (The bf wrote jokes on his, mine weren't meant to be jokes, but they may sound like it to my brother.)

And of course every care package has to include a card!  (This says "of Halloween smiles" on the inside.)

I also included more tee shirts, a deck of playing cards, chapstick, and a magazine.  I tried wrapping everything seperately so it would be like opening multiple presents.

Do you have anyone you send care packages to?  What would be in your ideal package?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I can't stop thinking about. . .

This dress from Tory's private sale this past weekend.  I love it, but was pretty sure it wouldn't fit me right in the bust, and since it was final sale, I passed.

Ooooh, but how lovely this would be on the right woman!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Glitter Toes

I just love love looooove T.J. Maxx.  This weekend I stopped in after my weekly (or semi-weekly) Target trip.  These shoes caught my eye and they were in my size!

Can't wait to wear them for the holidays!  
I also found a Lilly tunic (on clearance!), Kate Spade rainboots (alas, not in my size), and some darling linen cocktail napkins that I plan to gift to my mother.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Have you had any great finds lately?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yes, please!

This weekend is the Saks Friends and Family sale, and I may have to cave and buy these lovelies!

Gorgeous!  Hope you're having a fabulous weekend. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Brooks Brothers Home

The Brooks Brothers Home Collection just launched online, and I must say, I would love to curl up in this gorgeous bed all weekend!

Happy Friday! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yesterday's post by Little Miss Can't Be Wrong stayed with me all day.  I kept coming back to it and reading it over and over again.  Many of us have read about so many stories of youth being bullied for their real or perceived sexual orientation.  This and so many other instances of bullying and mistreatment has to stop. 

Please continue this dialogue with your friends and family as well as in so many of the available forums for sharing.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Girl Phone

I am currently in the market for a new phone.  A new phone that is not a hand-me-down, hopefully not outdated (yet), and may even reliably place calls and do some emailing.  I feel as if the heavens are parting.  I am that excited.

Option numero uno: behold, the iPhone 4.  Of course the iPhone is fun and the camera is amazing, but do I really need another distraction at work all day?  And is this really a big step up from iPhone 3?  (Plus, I do feel as if iPhones are not as professional, which is a bit of a weird notion considering I am definitely not in corporate America.)

Option 2:  Blackberry Bold 9700.  Good talk life, the option of BBMing, and more durable.  Since I'm super clumsy, this may come in handy.

I know that most people fall on one side or the other of the BlackBerry vs. iPhone vs. Droid debate.  What does everyone have?  Any love letters to favorite phones or horror stories of the phone that you wish you could "lose" forever?  (Loved the option of "losing" my phone when I dropped it in water in college and got it replaced under our insurance plan.  It was very weird to me at the time that the gentleman at the AT&T store kept saying, "You mean you lost it?!"  Now, I understand.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Autumn Baking

Tonight is my first small group Junior League meeting, and I am baking up a storm for treats to bring as well as to send along to my baby brother who is enjoying his first year at college!

Of course Martha does the best Halloween cookies!

These meringue bones are too cute for a party.

I am making these for baby bro.

Shortbread was one of the first treats I learned to make on my own.  Love how these look like candy corn.

And these brownies made me run out and buy pumpkin right away!

Do you have any fall favorites that you make every year?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Kate Spade Lovelies

This weekend Kate Spade had a friends and family sale and I couldn't resist picking up a few new lovelies.

Can't wait for these to arrive!

And a skinny black one too!

And since I don't own much gold, I treated myself to these hoops too.

Hope everyone is having a very happy Monday!  (And can you believe what happened last night on Mad Men's season finale?)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh How Trailers Have Changed. . .

Love this movie.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Tonight is the premiere of yet another new Real Housewives series.  I must admit, I am pretty excited to get to know the ladies of Beverly Hills. 

And I am getting together with friends to watch it.

Are you a Real Housewives fan?  (C'mon, you can admit it. ;))

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweater Dress Weather

This cooler weather has me dusting off the boots and wearing sweater dresses and tights every day. 

This older J. Crew dress is one of my classic favorites with just the right amount of funkiness.

This Vineyard Vines Dress may be next on my lust list:

Rugby has a lot of great dresses as well, including this Shetland sweater dress with elbow patches:

It also comes in a gorgeous birdseye shetland.

The suede patches on this dress are also divine:

This Helmut Lang dress is wonderful, but it is semi-sheer, so a slip is a necessity.

This DVF dress is a dressier alternative.

I can never make a list without including Lilly.

And for a splurge, this Ralph Lauren dress is perfectly timeless.

And this Vineyard Vines dress is just adorable for a little girl!

Are you a sweater dress fan?  What do you usually wear when the temperatures begin to drop?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Decor

I am beginning to get ready for autumn and the lovely harvest colors I love to use through Thanksgiving.  This wreath looks wonderful on my front door!

Is anyone else getting ready for fall?  What are your favorite seasonal decorations?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Over the weekend I began to tackle a few home projects.  Lately I've been less inclined to spend my free time shopping for clothes and a bit more inclined towards trips though home stores.  I think the huge piles of clothes in my "dressing room" may be partially to blame. . . 

A wonderful source for inspiration, Lonny, debuted its newest issues over the weekend, and if you have not yet perused its pages, here's a sneak peek:

Katie Armour, the neo-traditionalist was featured.

Love absolutely everything Eddie Ross does!

The bf's mother marks her dishes for what each of them will hold--love this idea.

Love this closet by Mary McDonald.
What a glamorous sitting area from Celerie Kemble.

 And an even more divine closet and bathroom.

Even the ads are glamourous!

Are you into home design?  Have you heard of Lonny?