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Monday, October 25, 2010

Glitter Toes

I just love love looooove T.J. Maxx.  This weekend I stopped in after my weekly (or semi-weekly) Target trip.  These shoes caught my eye and they were in my size!

Can't wait to wear them for the holidays!  
I also found a Lilly tunic (on clearance!), Kate Spade rainboots (alas, not in my size), and some darling linen cocktail napkins that I plan to gift to my mother.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Have you had any great finds lately?


  1. LOVE THOSE! I have my eye on a pair of glitter shoes at the Boston Store....

  2. Those are GORGEOUS! I might have to swing by TJ Maxx this week.

  3. those are so fun!! just the right amount of sparkle. too cute.

  4. My sister got the Kate Spade boots at our TJ. They're so cute! I found some other wellies they had; I didn't know if I could pull off the slight heel on rain boots :)

    LOVE the heels!!

  5. Just found a ton of Lilly paper goods at TJMaxx this weekend!! Also some cute Lilly pajamas!

  6. Oh how I love anything sparkly on my toes! PERFECT for festive holiday occasions.

  7. wow the perfect holiday shoe!!!! I love it and need it!