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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Care Package

For my baby brother, I was super excited to mail his Halloween-themed care package this week.  For the best possible care package, it is important to find out what your recipient likes and/or needs.

My brother asked for socks, so of course I had to comply.  He loves J. Crew's critter socks which are hard to find, but I did order him a few pairs from the online factory store a few weeks ago.  (I also took a trick from my parents and hid money in the little packages inside.)

He also asked specifically for cookies, so I sent him Martha's candy corn ones.

I put lots of snack-sized treats in Ziplocks for him to share with friends.  It was too much fun writing on each of the bags!

And I also got to write on the rice crispie bars!  (The bf wrote jokes on his, mine weren't meant to be jokes, but they may sound like it to my brother.)

And of course every care package has to include a card!  (This says "of Halloween smiles" on the inside.)

I also included more tee shirts, a deck of playing cards, chapstick, and a magazine.  I tried wrapping everything seperately so it would be like opening multiple presents.

Do you have anyone you send care packages to?  What would be in your ideal package?


  1. Hello. Please send me those sock as well. Thanks.

    For real- awesome goodies!!!