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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Tonight is the premiere of yet another new Real Housewives series.  I must admit, I am pretty excited to get to know the ladies of Beverly Hills. 

And I am getting together with friends to watch it.

Are you a Real Housewives fan?  (C'mon, you can admit it. ;))


  1. Oh I had totally forgotten -- thank you for the reminder!

  2. OF COURSE I AM! And proud of it! Caroline and NeNe are my faves. I'm interested to see BH. I didn't think I would like DC but made it through to the end. Definitely not my favorite though...

  3. I can't wait to meet these housewives tonight!

    Love your blog ...I'm a new follower!

  4. YES!!! I love New York probably the best because I like that most of those women work make their own money. I don't really like Orange County just because being an East Coast gal, I can't relate to it as much as NY and NJ. I loved DC too, and am so excited for Beverly Hills tonight!!! I also can't wait for the reunion tonight too!

  5. Oh god, I only just became BFFFF with the RHODC. I'm not sure if I can add another set of them to my DVR.

    But let's be serious...I'll totally cave.

  6. Hey girl, just wanted to let you know I'm tagging you in a post tomorrow! :)

  7. Just finished watching. Decided to start a blog about it. Have watched all the other RHO shows and not ashamed of it. I love people and reality shows are like the more down home versions of Frontline or national geographic specials.

  8. This is going to be a good cast, I can feel it. I was not at all a fan of the DC wives so this is a welcomed change!

  9. ok... i will admit to watching an entire sunday of the real housewives of atlanta a while back!

    (i think it was atlanta!!! so fun!... don't tell!)