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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Girl Phone

I am currently in the market for a new phone.  A new phone that is not a hand-me-down, hopefully not outdated (yet), and may even reliably place calls and do some emailing.  I feel as if the heavens are parting.  I am that excited.

Option numero uno: behold, the iPhone 4.  Of course the iPhone is fun and the camera is amazing, but do I really need another distraction at work all day?  And is this really a big step up from iPhone 3?  (Plus, I do feel as if iPhones are not as professional, which is a bit of a weird notion considering I am definitely not in corporate America.)

Option 2:  Blackberry Bold 9700.  Good talk life, the option of BBMing, and more durable.  Since I'm super clumsy, this may come in handy.

I know that most people fall on one side or the other of the BlackBerry vs. iPhone vs. Droid debate.  What does everyone have?  Any love letters to favorite phones or horror stories of the phone that you wish you could "lose" forever?  (Loved the option of "losing" my phone when I dropped it in water in college and got it replaced under our insurance plan.  It was very weird to me at the time that the gentleman at the AT&T store kept saying, "You mean you lost it?!"  Now, I understand.)


  1. I have an iphone 4 and absolutely LOVE it! I don't know about the Blackberry Bold, but before my iphone I had a Blackberry Storm and hated it. I think the iphone is much easier to use and I like all of it's features.

  2. I have a BBerry and absolutely love it! It's easy to type even though the keys look teeny tiny, and I've dropped the phone more times than I can count & it's never stopped working :)

  3. i have a blackberry and sister has an iPhone (and so does sequel).
    they do the same basic things with email, facebook, twitter... the big difference comes when you need to access websites. iPhone is MUCH better with website interface... and it's so much more speedy than BlackBerry. if i'm on twitter on my blackberry and click on a link from CNN it takes FORever to load, whereas if i just take sister's phone and type the URL i get there so much faster.
    plus iPhone has better games! as soon as i can i'm switching!

  4. i had a blackberry before i got my first iphone 3 years ago and ive gotta say.... iphone for life!

  5. Just moved up from the basic phone to an iphone 4 and really love that I can keep up with email, although I don't respond much via the phone (usually wait til I am on the computer). Love all the great photography apps and fun games. Don't use the internet much. One thing I though was really cool was that when I made a note of our dinner plans and included the address, I could then touch on the address to get a map. Husband has a crackberry for work, and he uses it a lot for keeping up with emails. One thing I would say is to get a case for the phone so if you drop it there will be some cushioning.

  6. My Blackberry and I have a love/hate relationship. But, to be honest, if you are going to invest in a big girl phone, get the one you LOVE the most.

    And then buy insurance for it.

    :) Whitney