“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”--Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Got my Vineyard Vines catalogue today...

I do miss living in DC and being able to pop over to the Vineyard Vines store in Georgetown to see everything in person.  Looking at items online is never quite as thrilling.  Among my new Vinyard Vines lusts are...

Vineyard Vines' Starlight Dress

To see the pattern, it shows up better in the brown version. 

This cardigan would be so cute over a dress!  Love the button.

The Captiva Cami is also very cute. (But not new.)

I'm always a "sucker" for seersucker!  (Also not new.)

Are you a Vineyard Vines fan?  If so, what're you loving this season?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


While reading SHEFinds, (a GREAT blog!) I was drawn to an article on nail polish colors and the hot new colors of Spring!  The main page of SHEFinds featured the Chanel gold manicure with black tips--a trendy look that I like, but can't imagine doing black tips personally.

I love nailpolish.  In college, I felt as if my ever-changing nails were a bit of a trademark.  (And I do mean ever-changing--I painted my nails almost every day!)  My favorite colors were almost always red or hot pink.  My senior year, OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark was my polish of choice.

Now, I do not do my nails nearly as often.  The other problem I now find is that I seem to chip my nails much more than I used to!  When I have a fresh manicure, I try to not do things to chip them, but I constantly forget.  

I have recently been into corals and pinks.  The darker colors have looked so heavy lately, and don't match spring clothes nearly as well.

Essie's California Coral

OPI Chapel of Love (Wonderful name!  I actually bought this to wear to a wedding before I even noticed it!)

I also got a lovely Coach nail polish gift set from bf's mom for the holidays.  Love both of the pinks!

My exception to the above rule:

Chanel's Particuliere.  This makes me feel soooo edgy! (Something I pretty much never feel. ;))

Are you a nailpolish fan?  What's your favorite color?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring J. Crew Dress Love

I am excited to wear some of my favorite J. Crew dresses in the upcoming weeks:

The J. Crew Jakarta dress (circa 2009?)

The J. Crew Sylvan dress (2008?)

The J. Crew Eyelet Zoey (also older--2008?)

Can't beat a timeless madras...

What are you excited to wear?  (Or if you're a lucky one and are already wearing your Spring duds--what oldies but goodies are you loving?)

Friday, March 26, 2010

What does it mean to be Preppy?

Over on StyleFile, Jenna Lyons, the Creative Director of J. Crew was asked about J. Crew's "preppy" heritage--

“Preppy” style is often mentioned in the same breath as J.Crew. Is today’s preppy different from yesterday’s?
I have a hard time with the word “preppy.” To me, it’s a way of styling. Classic things mixed a certain way—especially special color combinations—look very preppy. We still have the same pieces: polo shirts, khakis, a great classic blazer, a beautiful white shirt. But what we’ve been trying to do is change the way things are presented. Maybe that little cargo jacket that we would have shown ten years ago with a polo shirt we’re now showing with a little sequin top and high heels. And the thing about preppy is it can be alienating to some people. It’s very coastal and it leaves out a lot of Americans who aren’t yachting or going to the beach club.

I think it's interesting that Ms. Lyons claims J. Crew has the same items it has had.  I feel as if it has definitely changed a lot over the past few years, and is much trendier than it was in the past.  I still love many of their items, but do not think of it as much of a "preppy" staple as it once was.  Note that the above picture is from a 2007 catalogue.

What do you think?  Do you like J. Crew?  Do you agree with Ms. Lyons' thoughts on preppiness being alienating to some?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hostess Gifts

We are traveling to Chicago this weekend and staying with the bf's parents.  For his mother, I bought some items at Crabtree & Evelyn.  

I love the Gardener line--which my mother loves as well.  I bought this handcream.

As well as a soap shaped like a pear on a little dish.

One of the best things about Crabtree & Evelyn is their adorable packaging.  The woman helping me wrapped everything up beautifully!

For the bf's father, the only gift I ever buy him (and the only one he ever wants!) is dark chocolate...

Dark Chocolate Truffles from Godiva

Do you have gifts you always bring to your significant other's parents' home?  Any fallback hostess gifts in general?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pottery Barn's Outdoor Collection

This evening the bf and I BOTH got out of class early--completely unheard of!  We had a few errands to run including some returns at the mall.  

At the mall, we went to Pottery Barn and found such a great present for the bf's brother and SIL.  They have a beautiful home and often entertain on their rooftop terrace.  I love buying things for entertaining.  Since they like outdoor entertaining, we got:

This great condiment set!

Some outdoor drinkware, as well as casual silverware and a wonderful vintage-looking tray that I could not find online.

I can't wait to be able to go to outdoor parties and BBQs!  Are you a Pottery Barn fan?

Straw Bags

I have really been itching for a new straw bag lately...
And found this beauty at Saks!

Yes, I think the Folley Beach Small Benadictia may be a perfect addition to my Spring and Summer wardrobe! :)   It's at the Kate Spade website in a coral color, but couldn't get any good pictures.  I think I'd choose the coral trim, but love them both!

And one of my favorite Gossip Girl pictures...

Drooling over Blair's Kate Spade.

Do you have a Spring/Summer purse you can't wait to carry?  Or are you in search of something new?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Great Giveaway!

It's been so fun to read all about what giveaways other bloggers are hosting!  

Fashion Meets Food is hosting one for her birthday.  How wonderfully generous is that?! :)

Her giveaway even includes some of my favorite OPI products, like You Don't Know Jacques!

I'm hoping to host a giveaway towards the end of the semester (which is closer than I think!) so I can dedicate some time creating a GREAT package.

I'm a socialite!

Yay! Although I'm pretty new to the blogging world, I've been crowned a socialite. This afternoon I was so honored to be tagged by my friend at A Town and Country Life. (Who was actually my Pink Swap partner from Monograms and Manicures!)  Let's have some fun and get to know each other better!
The Official Preppy Mafia are taking over the world one monogram at a time.
The rules-
Click on the above button and paste onto your blog/website
Answer the below questions
Pass onto 10 bloggers that you Love, go to their blog and let them know they've been tagged

1. Who is your style icon? Blair Waldorf--with a touch of Serena hair and some Lilly for good measure

2. What is your favorite socialite lit book? Confessions of a Shopaholic (totally unrelateable, right? ;)) and The Bombshell Manual of Style

3. Favorite party theme? A Day at the Races!  (Anything that allows you to wear Lilly and huge hats!)

4. Go to Halloween costume? You can never go wrong with a desperate housewife!
5. Extravagance you cannot live without? Headbands

6. Living person you admire? Marian Wright Edelman

7. Greatest Fear? When I say spiders, it sounds a little lame...

8. Trait you deplore in yourself? Being a HUGE procrastinator when it comes to school...

9. Which talent would you most like to have? A great singing voice

10. Greatest Achievement? I was honored to serve as Collegiate Chapter President for my sorority.
I tag:
If I Can't Wear Heels...I Don't Want to Go
Pink Champagne
Pink Preppy Lilly Lover
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Lilly Fabric Giveaway!

Check out this AMAZING giveaway over at Lauren Nicole's blog!

I would looooooove to win this fabric!  My mind is reeling just thinking about the fun crafts you could do!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cupcakes and Tea

I had a looooooong day today--working all day and trying to finish up some homework now.  I am enjoying this semester, but can't wait to be done with all of this work!  

This evening, I am doing one of my favorite things--lounging on the couch in sweats!  I am also enjoying a wonderful cupcake and cup of tea.  My new favorite kind of tea is by Tea Forte.  I love the cocoa truffle flavor! :)

Do you drink tea?  What kind is your favorite?  Do you have another "relaxing routine" that you enjoy?

Friday, March 19, 2010


Words can't express...

How beautiful this is.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monogram Everything?

I love monograms.  I think it started when my grandmother insisted that all of my towels were monogrammed--just in case they ever became mixed up at camp, at the pool, or anywhere else!  After seeing an adorable girl carrying a monogrammed LV, I have been seriously lusting over one.  

Here's the issue--I have been dating the bf for a long time, and I feel as if my last name will be changing sometime soon.  (I feel like I'm jinxing this just writing this post!)  So--do I continue to buy things with my three initial monogram, do I just monogram things with my first name (what I've been doing lately--but it doesn't work for everything), or do I just wait it out?

Also, for women who are married, do you use your middle name or your maiden name in your monogram?  My family calls me by both my first and middle name, so I don't know if I can ever NOT use that, but my last name is pretty cool too...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone celebrating today!  Normally, I like to make cookies or cupcakes and decorate them for the holidays.  I found these cute ones at Lesley Hall's site.  The cookies are all ADORABLE, and I cannot pretend I am as talented when it comes to decorating my own baked goods.  Sadly, today I am doing this...

Studying.  I hope to finish my take home midterm by my afternoon class (it's due at midnight) so I can work on the paper that's due tomorrow as soon as class is over.  Taking six classes this semester (last semester I only had four) has been a big jump!  I'll be so grateful when I'm done with everything and can take more "fun" classes next year when I start working on my thesis...

Have a wonderful St. Patty's Day!  How are you celebrating? 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Target Trip

Oh, how I love Target!  Luckily my local store had TONS of Liberty of London today so I got to try it all on!

I ended up buying two different styles of pillows to see what they look like at home.  The black and white one has pink piping!  Both pillows are large squares and have a satiny texture. 

This one is VERY retro!  I think the colors look prettier in person.

I tried on all of the dresses that were at my local store, which seem to be almost all of them online.  

I ended up buying this super cute sheath dress!  There were only three left in the pink pattern!  I thought this ran a little large to true to size, and may have to go back to buy the yellow one later. 

I also bought this maxi dress.  At 5'7 this was a perfect length for me.  Although the bf joked it'd be great for a Forrest Gump party, I liked it a lot and found that it was pretty flattering.  I think I will add a belt to the waist to have it more defined.  And, of course, I love the ruffle!   

I also liked these tops, but felt like I didn't need them.  My store also had a lot, so I figured I'd wait it out.

I did NOT end up buying the bike.  I looked at all of the Target bikes (they also carry Schwinns and lots of others), and I think my dad is right.  I am probably better off buying a cute pink one at a bike shop where I can ask lots of questions and customize it if I want.

Liberty of London

It seems as if EVERYONE has been talking about the new Target Liberty of London partnership.  The cruiser is at the top of my wishlist!  This is the print that's online, but there was a paisley one that has been in a few magazines and pictures are on the internet.  I love the bike, but want to see it in person to see if it's one I can actually ride--the "cruiser" style isn't the best for the hill by my house. ;) 

There were a few other things I loved online, but as I found with the Anna Sui Gossip Girl collaboration, all clothes from Target MUST be tried on!  I am on my way to Target now to check out what is in my local store.  (Hopefully I can also find some Lilly animal crackers--so cross your fingers!)  I'll report back soon!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lilly's Design Director

I'm not sure how many people have already seen this, but WSJ did a profile on Lilly's Design Director, the fabulous Janie Shoenborn.


As my style has evolved, I have always been drawn to color and "statement pieces."  Of course, adding any Lilly to the mix can easily help any blah outfit turn phenomenal.  

I was a bit late on the Murfee scarf, but finally picked one up this week at Lilly in Surf Blue Checking In.  I'm bringing this on my trip and using it for a bit of pizazz with my black dress!  I love these scarves, but living in the frozen tundra of Ohio, they're not quite warm enough for winter weather, so I've been enjoying the warmer weather (in the upper 30s) to be able to wear this.  

I do love the way a scarf can liven up an outfit.  I've been trying to wear my silk scarves more often as well.  One reason I hear semi-frequently from people who wear a lot of black and other solid colors is that in addition to being slimming, it's just so easy and professional.  I've found that adding a scarf or fun jewelry is such an easy way to continue to wear the "easy" black outfits, but look more unique!  (Although for the record, I don't wear much black.)

What are your "go-to" outfit pieces to add spice?  Do you generally wear a lot of color/pattern? 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear Tory Burch...

I love you.  No, I REALLY love you.  

Exhibit A: The Dean Oversized Hobo.  This bag is a dream.

This just catapulted to the tippity top of my new wish list.  I don't have any brown or tan bags, and this could be the one to round out my many metallic, black, and colorful ones.  You can just imagine how soft and supple the leather is.  It is large enough to make a great purse for travel.  I am also a big tassel fan.  Tassels are a love it or leave it issue for many--a deal-breaker or something just great enough to push you over the edge and confirm, yes, this is the most amazing bag ever.

What do you look for in a bag?  Is there a color category you are often drawn to?  (Lately it's been black for me, but usually it's pink.)  What is on the top of your wishlist?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Target's "Jack Rogers"

So last night I was strolling through my local Target when a cute pair of gold sandals caught my eye, then, when I picked them up I realized, they were so similar to Jack Rogers!  These are the hot pink ones that I didn't see in Target, but they are online.

These may be a great cheaper alternative for the real Jack Rogers above.

What do you think about Target's take on these classic sandals?  Are you a fan of Jack Rogers?  Which colors are your favorites? :)

(Can you tell I am anxious for warm weather?)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today I went to my local Lilly store to check out the new Spring items and they had the new items for LeSportSac!

The items were really cute--and looked to be durable and well made.  They're more casual than many of the traditional Lilly totes in my opinion, which can be great for anyone looking for durable travel bags, but may limit carrying them professionally.

I resisted the temptation to buy the garment bag and duffle (I really don't need more luggage!), and bought a new wallet!
It's great to throw in my school bag.  I have been looking for a new wallet for awhile, and this will tide me over until I can justify buying the Tiffany Blue wallet

I also picked up an umbrella--it's so small that it won't weigh down my purse, and hopefully I won't leave it somewhere since it'll fit in a bag!

The totes were cute, but I wanted one between the huge one and the medium one--the medium one was too small to hold my laptop, and the big one was pretty big.  I may reconsider when more prints come out.  (Today the store only had the purrrfectpatch print, but there are two other patterns that will be released in the future.)

This is the tote in She's a Piston. 

What do you think of the LeSportSac items for Lilly?  Are you hoping to buy any of the new items?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Countdown Begins!

Yay!  My favorite, Gossip Girl, is almost back!  I can't wait to see my old friends Chuck and Blair.  (And everyone else, of course!)

What do you think will happen with Nate and Serena? 

And can you BELIEVE how beautiful this dress is?  I'm not sure about the plaid leggings/tights, but it looks great here!  I love winter white, even though I'm not sure it enhances my fair complexion as much as my favorite pink!  

Are you a fan of GG?  What're you excited to see?