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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monogram Everything?

I love monograms.  I think it started when my grandmother insisted that all of my towels were monogrammed--just in case they ever became mixed up at camp, at the pool, or anywhere else!  After seeing an adorable girl carrying a monogrammed LV, I have been seriously lusting over one.  

Here's the issue--I have been dating the bf for a long time, and I feel as if my last name will be changing sometime soon.  (I feel like I'm jinxing this just writing this post!)  So--do I continue to buy things with my three initial monogram, do I just monogram things with my first name (what I've been doing lately--but it doesn't work for everything), or do I just wait it out?

Also, for women who are married, do you use your middle name or your maiden name in your monogram?  My family calls me by both my first and middle name, so I don't know if I can ever NOT use that, but my last name is pretty cool too...


  1. I adore monograms too and have been facing the exact same dilemma! Now engaged, I'm not putting my old monogram on anything and waiting until the day I become a Mrs... Our newlywed bedding from Restoration Hardware that we registered for has our new married monogram. I think it's a matter of preference, so do whatever your heart desires!

  2. The sure way to get him to pop the question is to monogram with your maiden initial! That is exactly what happened to me! Do something small, like the pillowcases or handtowel...
    As for the "maiden" initial versus the true middle -- i struggle with it all the time! I like my middle initial and have always gone with that, but "southern" tradition says you drop your middle name when you get married and go by first-maiden last-married. Best of luck!

  3. Love, Love, Love monograms! But girl, you've got to do whatever makes you happy. Anything goes these days so use whatever initals you want! Great post though, I love topics like these.

  4. Lucky me (for two reasons) my middle name and maiden name both start with M. But I agree with "the pink prep". You drop your middle name and keep your maiden as your "new" middle name.

    The other reason I am lucky is that my married initials are BMW! I keep waiting for that monogrammed car... but alas, I'm still driving the Odyssey! LOL

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my Socialite list!!!