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Friday, March 26, 2010

What does it mean to be Preppy?

Over on StyleFile, Jenna Lyons, the Creative Director of J. Crew was asked about J. Crew's "preppy" heritage--

“Preppy” style is often mentioned in the same breath as J.Crew. Is today’s preppy different from yesterday’s?
I have a hard time with the word “preppy.” To me, it’s a way of styling. Classic things mixed a certain way—especially special color combinations—look very preppy. We still have the same pieces: polo shirts, khakis, a great classic blazer, a beautiful white shirt. But what we’ve been trying to do is change the way things are presented. Maybe that little cargo jacket that we would have shown ten years ago with a polo shirt we’re now showing with a little sequin top and high heels. And the thing about preppy is it can be alienating to some people. It’s very coastal and it leaves out a lot of Americans who aren’t yachting or going to the beach club.

I think it's interesting that Ms. Lyons claims J. Crew has the same items it has had.  I feel as if it has definitely changed a lot over the past few years, and is much trendier than it was in the past.  I still love many of their items, but do not think of it as much of a "preppy" staple as it once was.  Note that the above picture is from a 2007 catalogue.

What do you think?  Do you like J. Crew?  Do you agree with Ms. Lyons' thoughts on preppiness being alienating to some?

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  1. To me "preppy" is a lifestyle, an attitude, a way of dress, but more importantly has everything to do with living a graceful and classy way of life. I love J.Crew but I feel their lack of quality and trendiness over the last few years has alienated some of their 'fans' from years past. Just my two cents..