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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Target Trip

Oh, how I love Target!  Luckily my local store had TONS of Liberty of London today so I got to try it all on!

I ended up buying two different styles of pillows to see what they look like at home.  The black and white one has pink piping!  Both pillows are large squares and have a satiny texture. 

This one is VERY retro!  I think the colors look prettier in person.

I tried on all of the dresses that were at my local store, which seem to be almost all of them online.  

I ended up buying this super cute sheath dress!  There were only three left in the pink pattern!  I thought this ran a little large to true to size, and may have to go back to buy the yellow one later. 

I also bought this maxi dress.  At 5'7 this was a perfect length for me.  Although the bf joked it'd be great for a Forrest Gump party, I liked it a lot and found that it was pretty flattering.  I think I will add a belt to the waist to have it more defined.  And, of course, I love the ruffle!   

I also liked these tops, but felt like I didn't need them.  My store also had a lot, so I figured I'd wait it out.

I did NOT end up buying the bike.  I looked at all of the Target bikes (they also carry Schwinns and lots of others), and I think my dad is right.  I am probably better off buying a cute pink one at a bike shop where I can ask lots of questions and customize it if I want.

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  1. i cannot wait!!! i'm going tomorrow to seek out my own liberty!