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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring J. Crew Dress Love

I am excited to wear some of my favorite J. Crew dresses in the upcoming weeks:

The J. Crew Jakarta dress (circa 2009?)

The J. Crew Sylvan dress (2008?)

The J. Crew Eyelet Zoey (also older--2008?)

Can't beat a timeless madras...

What are you excited to wear?  (Or if you're a lucky one and are already wearing your Spring duds--what oldies but goodies are you loving?)


  1. It's supposed to get warm here this weekend! So excited to wear sundresses.

  2. Great choices, sweetie! Loving that eyelet dress :) I bet you would look like an angel in it!

  3. I absolutely adore all of those dresses!! I want a new fabulous summer sundress