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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


While reading SHEFinds, (a GREAT blog!) I was drawn to an article on nail polish colors and the hot new colors of Spring!  The main page of SHEFinds featured the Chanel gold manicure with black tips--a trendy look that I like, but can't imagine doing black tips personally.

I love nailpolish.  In college, I felt as if my ever-changing nails were a bit of a trademark.  (And I do mean ever-changing--I painted my nails almost every day!)  My favorite colors were almost always red or hot pink.  My senior year, OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark was my polish of choice.

Now, I do not do my nails nearly as often.  The other problem I now find is that I seem to chip my nails much more than I used to!  When I have a fresh manicure, I try to not do things to chip them, but I constantly forget.  

I have recently been into corals and pinks.  The darker colors have looked so heavy lately, and don't match spring clothes nearly as well.

Essie's California Coral

OPI Chapel of Love (Wonderful name!  I actually bought this to wear to a wedding before I even noticed it!)

I also got a lovely Coach nail polish gift set from bf's mom for the holidays.  Love both of the pinks!

My exception to the above rule:

Chanel's Particuliere.  This makes me feel soooo edgy! (Something I pretty much never feel. ;))

Are you a nailpolish fan?  What's your favorite color?


  1. I LOVE corals for the spring and summer, and I was on a hunt for the PERFECT coral shade all of last summer... I will have to give those a try! And of course, I always have pink as my fallback classic color of choice. :)

  2. The Chanel one is my absolute favorite one.