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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lilly's Design Director

I'm not sure how many people have already seen this, but WSJ did a profile on Lilly's Design Director, the fabulous Janie Shoenborn.


As my style has evolved, I have always been drawn to color and "statement pieces."  Of course, adding any Lilly to the mix can easily help any blah outfit turn phenomenal.  

I was a bit late on the Murfee scarf, but finally picked one up this week at Lilly in Surf Blue Checking In.  I'm bringing this on my trip and using it for a bit of pizazz with my black dress!  I love these scarves, but living in the frozen tundra of Ohio, they're not quite warm enough for winter weather, so I've been enjoying the warmer weather (in the upper 30s) to be able to wear this.  

I do love the way a scarf can liven up an outfit.  I've been trying to wear my silk scarves more often as well.  One reason I hear semi-frequently from people who wear a lot of black and other solid colors is that in addition to being slimming, it's just so easy and professional.  I've found that adding a scarf or fun jewelry is such an easy way to continue to wear the "easy" black outfits, but look more unique!  (Although for the record, I don't wear much black.)

What are your "go-to" outfit pieces to add spice?  Do you generally wear a lot of color/pattern? 

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