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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I love headbands.  No, scratch that. I luuuuuurve headbands in every way imaginable.    I have a lot of hair and headbands can sometimes make me feel as if my mane is manageable. 

InStyle featured some of Blair's lovely headbands. . .

And I should include at least one non-bow option of B's.

Lauren Conrad also loves headbands.  This yellow one works really well with her cute shoes!

Reese always has TDF hair.  This is no exception.
And the still ever so chic headband look of Brigitte Bardot.

L. Erickson has wonderful headbands.  Their classic Trixie Bow style is one of my favorites and it comes in lots of colors.

Last but not least, this is the headband I am wearing today.

Do you love headbands?  What is your favorite hair accessory?


  1. I simply adore headbands so much. I love the one you're wearing today. Great choice. And the Trixie one is great too! When I went to London about one year ago, I got a Burberry headband in Harrods and it is a classic. It is a piece that I know I will have forever.

  2. Headbands have to be my favorite thing having to do with style. I loved all of Blair's!

  3. Adorable! I have a drawer full of headbands and they are the perfect way to tame my thick hair! xx

  4. Headbands are so fabulous! I have a small, but growing collection of them :) I don't think anyone can wear headbands as well as Blair!

  5. i love headbands but need significant hairspray and a pouf to pull them off!

  6. I love headbands too! I'm a big fan... I have a ton from Forever21.

  7. I am headband obsessed! I have to wear one everyday... thats how obsessed I am! I am always looking for new ones and new styles.

    xo fab post

  8. I love headbands too! they are so cute and definitely come in handy!!