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Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Shopping Weekend

Before Christmas!  I hope everyone has all of their gifts ready.  This weekend I attempted to finish the last of my odds and ends and stocking stuffers.  I also had to check out the 20% off sale at Lilly.

I ended up with the Colby (adorable with a cardigan, but very easy to pass by on the hanger!):

And the Jonah in Don't Be Koi. (I am wearing this to work today, and looooove it.)

With my birthday gift card and a return, I got them all for a song. ;)  Did anyone else check out the Lilly sale?  Hope no one has to brave the crazy mall this week!


  1. note to self....shop early for next year! thanks for your kind comment today - health is wealth...

  2. great finds! be koy is one of my favorite prints.

  3. Love them ALL! What fabulous steals - I'm sure you look lovely! XO

  4. You made out just great, all darling beyond!!

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    Art by Karena

  5. Just found your blog- tres cute!! I love ALL of these dresses- lucky girl!

  6. Loving all your finds!!! Happy holidays! :)