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Friday, May 20, 2011

Two of my Favorites

All of my friends know how much I adore adore adore Oprah (or Opie, as I fondly call her).  Her show with Ralph Lauren made me yearn to spend a long weekend somewhere as luxurious as the Double RL Ranch.  The Colorado ranch was absolutely breathtaking, and these are the only teepees I could imagine spending the night in. ;)

I thought the biggest surprise may have been when Ralph said their family gets a discount on clothes, but since it's a public company, no free clothes. 

I can't wait to see the wedding dress Ralph designed for his daughter Dylan when she gets married in June.

Are you a Ralph Lauren fan?  What do you think of the ranch?


  1. You know, whenever I think of ranches, that's exactly what I think of.

    Or, you know, "Hey, Dude."

  2. I watched this show thanks to my fab dvr, and I was in awe. Gorgeous and breathtaking!

  3. I wish I had seen this!! I'm a huge Opie fan too, hehe, though I rarely get to see her show and don't have DVR, ugh!

  4. Neat! I didn't see this...but all these pictures make me want to grab my hubby, pack up my plaid shirts and head out west for a vacation!

  5. i'm not the biggest oprah fan (blasphemy, i know!) but i do love me some ralph lauren :)

  6. What an amazing interview! I loved it. And RL is just such a classic. XO

  7. That ranch is amazing. Ralph Lauren is such a genius! Too bad he can't design my wedding dress :)

    Also, I have a giveaway going on at my blog for a $20 gift certificate to Green Apple Paperie if you're interested. They have super cute stuff!

  8. That ranch is gorgeous and I adore Ralph Lauren! I have a ton of RL clothes :)