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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SWW: Fall J. Crew

Today I am joining Daphne and her friend Kristy for Semi Wordless Wednesday.


In middle school I would eagerly await my brand new J. Crew catalogue, carefully folding down the corners on the pages that held the items that would eventually end up on my birthday or Christmas wish lists.  Fast forward through going through a dreaded Abercrombie phase, becoming obsessed with the Crew again and working at a store for a few years, then trying to "diversify" my wardrobe, and now being reeled back in by gorgeous catalogue shoots.

Yesterday my new fall catalogue arrived--which is always my favorite J. Crew season.  Let's join along and add some of these to our wishlists!

I love the Perfect Shirts, and the medium gingham would be perfect to ease into cooler weather.

I actually have an old leopard print one that I adore.  This one would look great with a colorful pencil skirt!

Or you could go the leopard sweater look.

Need this for apple picking!

With this gorgeous gorgeous sweater.  (I think you could keep this forever, and it reminds me of the J. Crew of the 90s.)

I wear cropped pants most of the time when I wear pants.  The summer cafe capri has been a favorite of mine for years.  This autumn update in wool would work in many offices.

I also have a few pairs of minnies that I love.

I can never turn down lace. . . 

A fun pencil skirt in a great color.  (I have an orange linen pencil skirt that gets a lot of wear.)

Either would be perfect under a hacking jacket.  (This longer length flatters everyone and the purple is calling my name!)

Or you could bring a velvet blazer for after work drinks or date night.

Tweed pumps.  Enough said.

And this may be the year I finally add a Barbour to the closet.

Who doesn't need a gorgey sequin dress?

Are you a J. Crew fan?  What are your favorite looks for fall?


  1. I'm too big to shop there anymore, but I still enjoy getting the catalog. I love the rainbow of brights this season. And of course the swimwear is always so classic.



  2. Love J. Crew's fall line! My heart flutters for leopard.


  3. Am a total J Crew fan!
    Love this post!
    Gypsea Nurse

  4. Girllll clearly, I love everything about J.Crew. I just wish I could actually afford it sometimes haha!

  5. J Crew is finally looking classic again! If that sequin dress didn't cost more than my wedding dress I may have considered it for my 30th birthday ;-) Visiting from FFP :-)

  6. Loving. Back to basics I hope!

  7. Love J. Crew. I bought that gingham shirt in blue... wish they had the pink. I am more of a pink girl!! xo

  8. Loving the flannel shirt and the periwinkle pants and deep green sweater combo! They sure know how to make us yearn for the next season!

  9. massive heart for this collection. thanks for another wonderful post.New outfit post. Lunch in Beverly Hills. Would love if you'd check it out. Thanks love. xoxo


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  10. I havent received my Jcrew catalog in weeks. NOT OKAY.

  11. I got the catalogue a few daysa go!! I LOVE that chunky, cream sweater!!

  12. i love j.crew. unfortunately we dont have any in australia. great post thoguh!


  13. I've been eyeing that leopard print button down for days, but can't make myself pull the trigger. Luckily my birthday is in 2 weeks! It's on the list :)

    Thanks for stopping by Cardigan Junkie. I'm your newest follower