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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fall Lilly 2010

So I bet many of you have already seen the Lilly Fall 2010 sneak peak.  Today more pictures were posted on LP's facebook page including what looks like workout gear!  

I would adore. . . 

This adorable top on the left--perfect to wear to work or class, especially if there's a happy hour after!

Love the hot pink of the dress and the neck of the jacket--the only problem is sometimes jackets like this make me look more buxom--something I'm not really "going for." ;)  This will have to be a try-on in store item.

Yay!  Yay!  Yay!  Workout clothes!  I may be in lurve with this lovely striped open sweater for all sorts of lovely autumnal days.

And of course, you cannot make any "wish lists" without including a new Lilly dress.  I wear last fall's Stephanie all the time.

This is last year's Stephanie.  I've worn it to work, my birthday dinner, and to class.  It can be layered under with a button-down or with a cardigan and tights.  This summer I wore it with sandals.

What is on your Fall Lilly wish list?  How do you feel about the previews of the new collection?

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