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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Although I wear yoga pants often, I have not been using them in the way intended.  So I finally started using the yoga lessons I purchased months ago on groupon.  I purchased a set of five lessons to be used at a local yoga center.  I haven't done yoga in years, and even then it was not exactly my forte, so I recruited a friend to go with me for giggles.  She did not mention she was basically a yoga master. ;)  I went Friday evening to a stress-relief session and it was wonderful.  It combined Satyananda yoga with meditation and breathing exercises.  It was also a very small class with only four other women and the instructor.  Although I felt like a beginner (which I am), it was not at all weird nor intimidating to be with women with much more experience.  All of the moves had modifications for varying levels of experience and flexibility. 

After such a wonderful experience, I am looking forward to continuing to go to the Friday evening stressbuster course as well as going to a few yoga classes that are offered at the gym I recently joined.  (Wow, it almost sounds as if I'm athletic with this post!) 

If I continue to go, it must mean I should buy more yoga apparel.

Lululemon is one of my favorite sites.

Can't beat the classic black cropped pants.

What a fun waistband on these! (And you should also note that Lulu does complimentary hemming on their pants.)

I would definitely wear this pullover to class!

Although I love all of these options, I would ADORE having Lilly Pulitzer athletic wear!  (There was a discussion a few months ago on the Lilly fb group about what lovely items people would buy.  At the top of my list would be athletic tank tops and stretch pants with colorful waistbands.)

Hope everyone is having a relaxing and fun holiday weekend!

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