“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”--Audrey Hepburn

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Monday!

This semester I get to work from home a few days a week on my thesis.  Friday afternoon I made a humongous vat of veggie soup!  I often make soups on Sundays and bring it for lunches for the week.  My veggie soup is pretty much whatever veggies I have.  This time I used kale, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and my secret ingredient--chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.  Here's the artsy pic:

And a normal one:

Taking all of these photos may have led to a very very very bad thing happening--I dropped my iPhone in the soup!  I was absolutely freaking out and quickly googled what I should do.  After using a hairdryer on low (this part was controversial and the bf said I should never do that part again), I put the phone in rice for the night and turned it off.  Luckily I caught the phone and it wasn't totally submerged, so it survived.  It rang Saturday morning while in the rice.  I guess I hadn't turned it off after all.

Friday night was the debut of my Jewel Green Swingers Jaiden Lilly top, and it was quite a hit!  I've been so excited to wear it and the winter party that I helped put on for my graduate program was the perfect occasion.

Champagne Party

Saturday was pretty low key with errands and a movie.  I finally saw The Fighter and now I'm not sure what film I'd like to win the Oscar!  (And I may now have a huge born-again crush on Mark Wahlberg.)

Sunday was full of football, guacamole, stuffed mushrooms, and laundry.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend (aside from dropping your phone in the soup). That totally sounds like something I'd do!

    I remember filing my intent to graduate. Such an exciting time!

  2. i cannot believe you dropped your phone in your soup -- too funny. but only funny because it still works. if it didn't still work that would be sad!

  3. Looks like we both spent time at the movies! I saw The Fighter over Christmas and thought it was amazing. I may have liked the King's Speech better...maybe...

  4. Your top is so pretty! Your soup sounds yummy and your weekend sounds so fun

  5. omg good thing you saved your phone!!

    i liked the fighter, super good movie!

    i want some soup now haha!

  6. I dropped my phone in cereal last weekend!!!