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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time for a New Issue of Lonny!

Another issue came out over the weekend, and of course doesn't disappoint!

I'm hoping to re-do my bedroom, so the bedding choices grabbed my attention right away.  I love the preview of Kate Spade Bedding, and the Serena and Lily  is adorable as well.

I dream of having gorgeous Leontine Linens once I get married and share a monogram with my hubby!

It's amazing how much a towel ring can add to a powder room--this lion is perfect!

 I will take this armoire pretty please. 

But of course the article that I was the most excited to share was the one on Lilly!

They did a great job with a brief bio of Lilly and the company.

The yellow dress above was on Lilly's facebook page, and I adore it!

Can you imagine working in such a fabulous studio?  Swoon! ;)

Please, pop on over and read this lovely article right away.  (And I may have to follow-up with a Parisian inspired apartment later this week!)


  1. Great recap! Such an amazing issue

  2. Eeek!!! I am beyond excited to dive in and read. Many thanks for sharing and happy Tuesday!!! Xoxo-BLC

  3. such a great issue!
    the photos are dreamy!

  4. Oh... someday I will have tons of money and will shop and decorate for fun, without worrying about prices. Sigh. Someday.