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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blush Pink

I have always adored pink.  There are many family stories about my fondness for the color--from when I refused to wear anything that wasn't pink or purple in preschool and kindergarten (okay, this may have lasted a bit longer, but the tantrums stopped by age 6), to the 50's bubblegum pink prom dress I very politely demanded to wear as the narrator for the second grade play, to the overwhelming amount of pink in my closet now.  I often grab brighter pinks, but lately have been loving tones of blush and very light pinks.

First, slip into your dressing gown as we think about what to wear.

Light a rose candle as you choose some gorgeous underpinnings.

Next decide what today holds--is it a skirt and blouse day?

Or is a dress or gown on the agenda?

Lastly--an outfit is not complete without the perfect shoes and bag.

What do you think about my new favorite color?


  1. perfect for Spring, lets hope things warm up soon

  2. Love pastels. They look so beautiful :) Plus, those Kate Spade bags are to DIE for.

  3. I am loving this shade as well. Dying for one of the Kate bags! xoxo

  4. I'm in love. I love this soft shade of pink.

  5. I'm loving blush right now too!!!! I think it's goign to be a big color for summer, fall and even winter! (not that I know anything)

  6. LOVE your new fave color, as well as everything in your post today!!