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Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Dessert

This year the bf and I are not having our annual Valentine's Day party.  This is our fifth V-Day together, and the last three have included a big, pink, red, glittery, rose-filled party.  Sadly, tonight I have to go to an event for my thesis, and with all of the work I've been trying to get done, I just am not prepared to host tomorrow night.  Fortunately, the bf and I are spending Saturday night together.  He's cooking, and I'm doing dessert. 

I am planning on:

Chocolate dipped pretzels (and making extra to bring into work on Monday!)

And possibly this amazing cake from here.

And you can even make it pink!  Seriously, go to this website stat for beyond fabulous baking adventures.

Of course these will go fabulously with my favorite cocktail--champagne, St. Germain, and stawberries!

What're your weekend plans?


  1. Yum!! Save some for me please! I might steal your pretzel idea if you don't mind, and that cake is so pretty! Happy friday! Virginia

  2. Loving the rose cake idea. I read her instructions and she makes it sound and look very easy. I'm planning on serving Ina Gartens Eton Mess on Valentines' Day since we all love it so much but I think I'll try to pipe a cream rose on the top.
    Thanks for the idea.

  3. mmmmmmm champagne! love it for any occasion! and the pink chocolate is a GREAT idea --
    my little valentine, muffy, and i are having a grand girls weekend with dinners out, cookie baking and movies. mr prep's college buddies are all in town for hockey games, so he will be in and out all weekend. he's so not the valentine type, so it's ok.... because the little princess is and we'll have fun!
    cheers to you!

  4. Those pretzels and cakes are divine! Have a fabulously romantic weekend with the BF! XO

  5. beautiful cake. Enjoy your champagne!

  6. That cake looks amazing!!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. those chocolate covered pretzels look amazing! I wish I had some for valentine's day.


  8. I hope all of your weekend cooking went well. And that you and your sweetie had a wonderful time together. Those pretzels look yummy. And that cake is FABULOUS!! xo