“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”--Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mini Makeover


I will admit it--I am really stressed about my upcoming deadlines for my thesis.  My paper is due to my committee on the last day of March, and I present April 15.  Of course I have many more "to-dos" before I am able to start writing.  Obviously, this means I had to give my blog a mini-makeover, make brownies, and do laundry last night.  When I was in undergrad and had a lot due, my room often got cleaned, or my many loads of laundry done.  Anything to put off doing the big projects.  I think it's also nice to feel control over your environment when so many other issues you may not be able to control.

I apologize in advance if I'm not able to pop over to each of your blogs as often during the next month.  In addition to my thesis, this is also the busy season at work, and I'm also attempting to find a new job for post-graduation.

What do you do for stress relief?  What do you think of the mini-makeover? ;)  


  1. I clean too for stress relief! In college I had the most organized closet ever! I still will come home and either organize something or do dishes, or rearragne furniture for stress relief. I definitel need to feel in control of my environment when my life is in chaos. Best of luck to you in your thesis! The mini-makeover looks great too!

  2. I drink wine. :) Haha! I also clean and workout. It definitely helps to have projects to keep busy and help you feel in control. Good luck on your thesis.

  3. I love your mini-makeover! Lilly certainly has a way of bringing joy :) And to destress? I also do a bit of cleaning, but I also walk or run outside (weather permitting). It releases lots of endorphins, and overall just puts me in a better mood. I also do a lot of yoga. Try it out (there are free podcasts on iTunes!). And good luck darling!

  4. I find that a good run or time spent in the gym is excellent for stress relief! Take some time to do something for yourself. You will do great!

  5. love this new layout -- you did such a great job!!

    also - love that image. "If ONLY!!"

  6. Love Love Love the new look!
    I clean, work~out, or plan a shoppin' spree and follow through with it! Best of luck with it all!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  7. i am wild for the new look!!! very fresh!

    good luck-

  8. Love your blog! looks tres chic! Take a few deep breaths and remember it will not always be like this!

  9. Love your blog! It looks tres chic! Take a few deeeeep breaths and remember that it will not always be this stressful!

  10. I can certainly relate- I just started my blog last night while procrastinating a project! All went well, however, I successfully created my blog and finished the project (it was a late night though). Good luck with your thesis and please stop by and check out my posts!

  11. um, LOVE the mini (minty) lilly makeover!!!
    i cook when i'm stressed, well, bake actually....something about stirring and beating something! whenever i had finals in college i my apt would be the cookie palace! but beware the effects of lots of cookies in the house! :-)
    best of luck to you!