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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Craft. . .

Can I do that justifies spending one hundred dollars on glitter?

Adore this set.  Wish I could turn in my thesis with a glitter cover.  And glitter every page.


  1. OMG i just did a post on martha stewart a couple weeks ago. i want to drop $$$$$$ in that section of michael's. i'm definitely going nuts on the embossing stuff bc i'm making my brother's fiance's shower invites. yay for all things sparkly!

  2. I seriously want to live in the Martha Stewart Crafts aisle at Michaels. It is just perfect and I want everything there that I don't have!

  3. that would be one cool looking paper :-) Love Martha!

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  5. i LOVE glitter! the other day at babysitting we pulled the glitter out (and i mean REAL glitter, not any glitter glue pens) and it was so messy, but oh so fun! i wrote "Allie" very pretty with glue and then glitter-fied it!

  6. I could spend tons on glitter. Have eyed these multiple times. I love your new layout!! Happy Hump Day!!

  7. i'm a total enabler... but i say go for it!! you will have it for crafts for ages.
    and if you order it through ebates you'll get cash back. plus you'll earn credit card points! so it will probably only cost you about $85!