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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Fancies City Chic Louboutins

I am so excited to be participating in Friday's Fancies again this week, especially with my new gorgeous banner that {av} made me! 

Friday's Fancies City Chic Boots

Today's theme was similar to last week's cozy fall, but this week most people are focusing on fabulous boots.  I adore these Louboutin boots and thought they called for a fabulous Friday of busy meetings in the city.  To keep the look extra special, a gorgeous pearl ring and some special earrings provide a bit of bling, and I'd trade my big work tote for this dreamy YSL clutch for happy hour.

What are your favorite boots?


  1. Those boots are amazing! I'd kill for a pair of those . . . well, not really.

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  2. I seriously LOVE this outfit - everything about it!

  3. Gorgeous outfit! And I love your banner! {av} made me one too - she's so lovely!

  4. I think I need this ENTIRE outfit--all the way down to the nail polish! I'm in love! I have been dying for those YSL clutches. sigh. So happy to have you again for Friday's Fancies...I love love love how the banner looks! YAY! have a great Sunday! xoxo {av}

  5. I adore those Louboutin boots and the whole look! J'amazing!! ;)

  6. Love these picks. Amazing boots! I can picture this outfit for a fabulous day out in NYC. Or anywhere really ;)