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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Founders' Day

For loyal Tri Deltas, Thanksgiving also means something special--a reminder to be thankful for The Fraternity.  Our Founders' Day is Thanksgiving Eve, and this year we celebrate 123 years of sisterhood.  In college, I adored learning about the history of Delta Delta Delta.  A short story of our founding is below:

Sarah Ida Shaw saw a need for a group which would be different from the others. She said to her friend, Eleanor Dorcas Pond, "Let us found a society that shall be kind alike to all and think more of a girl's inner self and character than of her personal appearance."

"At last, all was finished on Tuesday...November 27, 1888, but there was one more meeting of the two friends on the following afternoon before they separated for the Thanksgiving recess, at the top of the college building in what was then the Philological Library. It was there that the two girls embraced each other and said 'Tri Delta is founded'...It is not strange that the hearts of these sponsors were full of emotion as together they went out of the college building, for each felt there were added reasons why her Thanksgiving should be a very happy one. When they came to the parting of the ways at the historic Boston Common, Miss Pond said, 'We can make the girls we initiate promise secrecy, but what shall hold us two?' So there in the shadow of the old Park Street Church, with a bright new moon and three brilliant stars nearby...the two faithful friends clasped hands and said, 'In the presence of these myriads of witnesses, I swear eternal loyalty and fealty to Delta Delta Delta.'"  
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As you celebrate Thanksgiving, make sure you thank all of your girlfriends, sisters, and any other important women who have shaped your life.  I am forever grateful for my Nana who celebrated the 50th anniversary of her initiation as well as my sisters at 120 Langdon and so many others I have met over the years.

Happy Founders' Day!


  1. That snow image is gorgeous!!!

    Happy Founder's Day & I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving:)


  2. Happy Thanksgiving and Founder's Day! Love the Lilly Tri Delta letters!