“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”--Audrey Hepburn

Monday, April 30, 2012

Manic Monday

Somehow life lately has been an absolutely wonderful whirlwind! It seems when one part of life becomes busy, everything else does too.  Between some major work events, Junior League, (we just released next year's leadership and I am a project chair--so excited!), wedding planning, some trip prep for a long Memorial Day and a trip to Minnesota for nephew M's Christening, as well as life in general I have neglected my little bloggie!

Get to see this precious baby boy in June.

So on another Manic Monday I thought I'd share some pics from life lately, mainly found on my Instagram. . .

Not that new of a picture, but I'm really really working on getting back into yoga.  I was hoping a trip to Lululemon would give me the motivation I needed.

A few weeks ago, I hosted a dessert party for SHS' birthday complete with a peeps cake.

And bourbon.

I feel like I've been writing many many letters lately.

Including some on my new engaged thank you cards courtesy of Targey.

I've been wearing a lot of glitter nail polish.

I have become majorly obsessed with making coffee in my French press.  Also super busy = way too much coffee.
Beautiful flowers from the family helped Spring-ify home.

My new obsession: rainbow-colored fruit layered in cocktail glasses.

And a few weekends were spent on my long hallway, first painting the walls and doors and having SHS help hang my chandelier. . .

Then completing my gallery wall last weekend.
 Which required a lot of pre-hanging prep on the living room floor.

But I did have a chance to kick my feet up. . . 
And enjoy some trail mix popcorn with the new Lilly catalogue.

And have an impromptu date night with SHS lately.

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Super cute shoes! Looks like a fun and productive spring so far!

  2. Your nails are too cute. Oh ya, and that stationary too.

  3. How fun! You've been busy. Love your glittery french manicure!

  4. Your place looks great -- the gallery wall is fantastic. :)

  5. Love all of this! I especially love your teal nails though. I've been doing the same thing with hot pink Essie nailpolish and the pink glitters :)

  6. LOVE it all! Especially the cake and the lanterns and your nails and the gallery wall! (oh wait, that is everything!)Happy to see it looks like things are going so well!

  7. You have been up to some fabulous things, miss! LOVE your glittery nails, the hallway looks fab, and I arrived home from Spain to find my Lilly catalog waiting for me... bliss. Kisses!