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Monday, May 7, 2012

I've Joined the Club

There are tons of girls at my gym who always look great while working out.  Perfectly coordinated outfits of Lululemon and bright Nike Frees.  This club of women who look like they want to be at the gym have always fascinated me, but with my record of four gym trips last week I decided I needed to up my workout attire.  Enter yesterday's trip to Lululemon, the store many bloggers have already found light-ages ago.

And I have now been converted to the dark side with the purchase of these leggings.  I kind of never want to take them off.

And an real, supportive, cute, long-enough tankAlmost too good to be true.

Next on my list is this gorgey bliss bag in mint.

And this new love of mine is totally worth it if I continue to be excited to go to the gym.  Right?! ;)


  1. I love new gym clothes! They really motivate you to go to the gym if you look cute. However I stay away from Lulu. A little too pricey for me!!! Love Gap Body!

  2. I think looking good while working out is a must! It helps to know you don't look like a wreck on top of sweating. LOL!

    Great clothing picks by the way!

  3. I am a obsessed with Lulu pants (I might own five pair...). Wunder Under Crops are my all time favs for cardio, mat classes and just running around. I also just discovered an awesome Under Armor tank - cute neon green color (looks great with a pink sports bra) and it it quite long.

  4. Welcome to the Lulu club! I love LuluLemon! My favourite pieces re the Wunder Under leggings, Astro pants, Run: Swiftly tech tops (they're nice and long!), and the Cool Racerback tank,

  5. Yay welcome to the Lulu club!! All of my greatest workout attire is from there. And I definitely want that bag too, in that exact same color! I need it. NEED IT.

  6. I think I am oh so ready to "drink" the kool~aid! You just sold me! Here's to always looking cute!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  7. I'm addicted to that store.. LOVE those leggings.. Think I need to get them too! :)

  8. I wear my Lululemon almost daily. They are perfect for running around with H. I love them!

  9. love Lululemon! I wear mine to yoga or just around the house.. so comfy!