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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Last Night at the Met

Last night was one of my favorite nights in fashion--the Met Ball.  This year you could even watch the live stream on vogue.com!  I just adore imagining what I'd wear if I got to go some day as well as lust after my favorite celebrity fashions.

Ever since finding this song, I am pretty Lana Del Rey obsessed.  This is also probably the only night of the year that someone can pull off a cape.  (Shown with Mr. Altuzarra.)

I really adore the light purple of Dakota's Louis Vuitton.

And since last night was a Gossip Girl night, you could get a double dose of dear ol' Mr. Bass if you also saw him strut the red carpet.

And of course, Chace didn't want to miss a good party either.

As the Met is definitely a chance for high fashion, Cate Blanchett's feather McQueen was a perfect choice.

There were a lot of sequins including on Nina Dobrev.

But Camilla Belle's Ralph Lauren stunner kind of stole the show.

As did Bianca Brandolini d'Adda--what an exit!

And although I'm not a fan of the top (you have this opportunity and wear a buttoned up jean jacket?!), I do like Jenna Lyons' skirt, especially if it was steamed a bit.
all others via

And another outfit that will be the talk of the town today--Beyonce in a very sheer Givenchy number.

And someone cough, cough, Anja Rubik was giving Angie a run for her money with a very high leg pop.

Who were your favorites?  What designer would you wear if you got the invite one day?


  1. Ew I don't like Beyonce's dress at ALL!!!! Or the last one, don't even know who she is. And Jenna Lyons? Denim? Seriously?

    Love all the others though! :)

  2. Jenna Lyons is not my fave in general, especially in this look.

    But... my fave was Diana Kruger in an amazing purple number that was perfectly styled.

    I wish celebs would take a note from the Met Ball and bring serious fashion back to the Oscars.

  3. There were some amazing gowns last night yet SO many misses too! I'm really not sure what some people were thinking. I loved Camilla's dress - its one of my top picks as well!


  4. I just posted about this too! I loved January Jones and Amber Heard along with Camilla Belle... GORGEOUS!!!! If I got invited I would have to wear either Marchesa, Ralph Lauren, or Zac Posen. I guess I'll have to be invited three times! Thanks for the beautiful post. :)

  5. Nina Dobrev definitely my favorite. I loved the glitter! And those GG boys are definitely drool worthy ;)

  6. Love the glam of the event! I loved Gwyneth, in Pucci I think

  7. I loved Cate Blanchett- usually she's a bit out there but I thought this was so elegant on her.

  8. oooh Chace and Ed look GOOD!