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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaids Edition

I have had the absolute best experiences with my local Bella Bridesmaid trying to choose a bridesmaid dress that works on my four besties.  I fell in love love with Lula Kate, and after almost choosing the Sassy Stripes. . . 

I saw this picture on pinterest.  (Plus, her ring looks crazy like mine for extra points!)

And after searching, these.  And I fell head over heels in loveeeeee.

And I had already saved this flower picture.

So, solid navy dupioni it is! ;) 

All of the girls are wearing different tops with fuller skirts, and I am now on the hunt for pretty, grass-walking-possible hot pink shoes.  Any ideas?


  1. ADORABLE! Love your choice! Lula Kate has been fabulous to work with!

  2. That Sassy stripes dress looks like something I would wear in everyday life...love it. However, the blue dress with the pink shoes is going to look so great. I love a contrasting shoe.

    Penniless Socialite

  3. A stripped bridesmaid dress? That could be dangerous when it is my time!

    And love the navy. Love.

  4. Great choice! For the shoes, buy your girls these: http://thesolemates.com/

  5. I love Bella Bridesmaid! I did navy as well but navy Amsale with all the girls in different tops. I totally would have gone with Lula Kate if I was having a summer and not a fall wedding! Great pick :) Love it with the pink!

  6. I just got back from a sonoma wedding with navy dresses and same color flowers. It was amazing. They each wore a pink flower in their hair. I loved it! Cute choice!

  7. Hilariously enough, the hot pink shoes the girl is holding in her picture?! Those were my wedding shoes! My bridesmaids had them in silver. So funny! I LOVE the navy and think you'll find the perfect pink shoes for them to wear :)

  8. GORGEOUS! I am swooning over here big time. I adore your dress and color choice. Cannot wait to see the beautiful details come together! XX