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Friday, September 17, 2010

Flea Market Weekend!

This weekend I am off to a small town (I think) in Ohio for a flea market.  The bf and I are meeting up with his mom (a flea market connoisseur) and his brother and SIL.  

I have a few things on my list of lusts, including a trunk to put at the base of my bed to hold linens

(Love this photo from Margaret Long)
(And this from Fashionphile)
Fillers to put in my new coffee table

 Mirrored furniture

and to to re-do the mantle (and just because I love it) lots of mercury glass and silver

Have you ever been to a flea market?  What would you be looking for?


  1. I was to one once, in Hawaii of all places. And I love those suitcases as a nightstand! How creative! I wish I could come up with awesome ideas like that....

    Hope you find some awesome treaures!

  2. Hi there; I'm new and loving your blog! Those trunks are gorgeous! I have been looking for one forever! Good luck in your flea market search!

  3. I can't wait to see what you found! Sounds like you had a great wish list to work from.

  4. Hope you had tons of luck at the flea market! Can't wait to see your finds!

    I tagged you in the 8 questions game on my blog!


  5. Hope you found some fab things! I have never been to a flea market before.


  6. I've been to a few flea markets - usually I try to look for things that I can't find at a regular department store. Or, if it's going to be a major decorating focal point in our home I choose the flea market so that there's not a chance that anyone else I know owns something like it.