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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Honor Flight Chicago

Today we got wonderful news!  The bf's sister received news that their grandfather has made it to the top of the wait list for Honor Flight Chicago.  (On a side note, the bf's sister served in the Navy and continues to serve in the Reserves while her husband served as a Marine.)  

Honor Flight Chicago works to give WWII veterans a chance to go to Washington, D.C. to visit the WWII Memorial on a flight with other veterans.  The vets receive a heroes welcome both in Chicago where they fly out of Midway and when they land at Dulles.  The bf's grandfather was a fighter pilot in the war and we are fortunate to have both recorded accounts of his service from a history project as well as a written record.

This video shows how wonderful the organization's work is, but make sure you have tissues handy while you watch it!

This is such a worthy organization and I am so glad to have found it through such fabulous news!


  1. That is such wonderful news! The last time hubs and I were flying out of DC there was an honor flight coming in before us. It was so amazing! There were two men in uniform who shook hands with each veteran and thanked them for their service and tons of people (including me and Nicholas) standing there with American flags.

    It was so touching I have to admit it made me cry! Especially because it reminded me of my own grandfather who was a WWII veteran too.

  2. wow that is such wonderful and exciting news!


  3. That's so fantastic! I love programs like this and think they are really so important!