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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bridal Party Playlist

This weekend is my bestie's wedding and I could not be more excited to see her get married and help her get ready with all of the other bridesmaids.  My bestie asked me if I could be in charge of the bridal party playlist as well as creating a getting ready tote that we can bring to pictures, etc. for any mishaps that may occur.  This is where you come in--what songs must be included in the world's best getting ready playlist?

JT's album was on constant repeat one year during sorority recruitment.

She has a thing for Lil Wayne.

Obviously need a little DIVA.

Some old school Britney.

What else?


  1. Girl's Just Want to Have Fun!

  2. Diva is definitely a good one! LOL.. And I love the name of your site, so pretty :-)



  3. Ah, I love it! How fun! I am horrible at playlists, hmmm...how about Party in the USA? We played that on repeat when we were getting ready in the sorority house, haha!

  4. How fun! I did one recently and we ended up keeping this ridiculous song called "Bottoms Up" by Keke Palmer on repeat the whole night!

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