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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pink & Green Bachelorette Party


I am on my way right now to Wisconsin to help my sorority pledge daughter (or little) celebrate her wedding!  Tomorrow is the big day and I can't wait to stand up with her and participate in her special day.  When I saw this dreamy bachelorette party a couple weeks ago I knew it'd be perfect for Trish's Pink & Green Thursday and is such fab pictures of four friends having a blast!

All images via Style Me Pretty


  1. Have the best time! I think that's great you still keep in touch with her and will stand beside her on her big day!

  2. Have so much fun! Would love to see your final play list!

  3. I love these photos (and all of your outfits too)! It's wonderful to see that you're still so close to your Little. Can't wait to see photos from the wedding! =)


  4. I hope you have a spectacular time at the bacherlorette party and the wedding; fabulous post!

    x M.
    Rococo & Caffeine

  5. What girly fun! I kind of want to be BFFs with all the girls in the photos... look at those shoes and headbands! Tee hee. Have a blast at the wedding!

  6. Ah have funnn!! And that headband crown needs to be on my head immediately!

  7. What a fabulous party! I hope you wonderful time celebrating your little sis -- what fun!! :)

  8. This bachelorette party looks AMAZIGN, those four girls are so pretty and look like the epitome of fun.
    Have a great time organizing something equally awesome for your sorority daughter!