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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pink & Green Autumn Lilly!

 Last night my girlfriend and I raced to Lilly after work.  I was in search of a new planner and possibly something new for fall.  We left drooling over the gorgeousness of everything in the store!  Join Trish and I for a fabulous Pink & Green Thursday full of new Lilly.

You could wear these navy wedges now through autumn (depending on the weather of course).

Buy the Edie immediately.  Absolutely gorgeous, flattering, a very fun print, and perfect to wear now.  I think this will be one of the quickly sold out items, but Village Palm has them now!

Another absolutely gorgeous wedge.  (They will also have them in leopard!)

The Fannie is a timeless take on a shift--love the rick rack detailing.

And my store also had a rack of holiday and resort--I must get these pants!  I have a slight obsession with chandeliers. ;)  This print is also coming out in a tunic that is adorable--I may need that, too.

Autumn always means you should stock up on a few new cardigans.

Adore this entire outfit, and the skirt makes it.

What's your favorite Lilly item for fall?


  1. That cardigan... swoon.
    I wish I had not imposed a no-shopping ban on myself.

    And I also wish I had one of these stores near me!!!!!!

  2. That skirt and blouse seriously have me drooling. I wouldn't want to take the outfit off!

  3. Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Love all your Autumn Lilly! :)

  4. i have the resort chic wedges in true navy and am in LOVE. gorgeous!!

  5. I received my Fall Lilly catalog earlier this week and saw numerous things I would love to have...many of them you have listed here.

  6. Love the Evie dress! I am definitely buying that one since my wedding colors are navy and green and it has little rings all over it! love!


  7. O-M-G!! I am loving those turquoise suede wedges--and think I'd DIE over them in leopard! I also am obsessed with that skirt in the last image. SWOON!

  8. I've actually been very impressed with this year's fall collection from Lilly. I've found past collections to be still a little too summery, but this one has just the right hint of summer to make them all fall appropriate and still very Lilly P. I especially LOVE all the wedges.