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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Fancies Blog Swap with Emmy!

Hey Glitterista readers, I'm Emmy from Sprinkles on Everything. I am so excited to be blog swapping today with Danielle. Before linking up with {av} for this swap, I was unfamiliar with Glitterista and boy was I missing out. After reading Danielle's blog for all of ten seconds I knew we would get along, Lilly Pulitzer, Gossip Girl references and gorgeous fashion...yep..that's everything I need in life. I'm so excited for this weeks Friday Fancy and want to thank Danielle and {av} for this fun swap! Do stop by my blog and say hi!


I thought I was excited for the Will and Kate, then I thought I was excited for Kim and Kris (epic fail) but nothing compares to my excitement for the Gossip Girl Royal Wedding taking place on Monday. Now, let me be clear, I am 100% team Chuck and Blair and have a sneaking suspicion this 'wedding' to Louis is not going to actually happen.

With that said...I can't wait for the fashion. Gossip Girl already nails it week after week with their lust worthy threads and I can only imagine this epic event will be no exception. Had I been invited to this soiree, I would hope to wearing something like this:

Thanks again, Danielle!!



It was so fun to play along with Emmy and {av} this week!  To see my picks, visit Sprinkles on Everything here. Have a great weekend, loves!  I'll be enjoying some serious cuddle time with my baby nephew and logging some serious family time as both of my brothers will be home and I am having a mother-daughter day on Monday.


  1. Pretty outfit. Love those shoes! This blog swap thing is so fun!!

    Have a awesome weekend!


  2. what an amazing statement necklace!!
    Great outfit!

    Happy weekend

  3. What a gorgeous glam outfit! That necklace is just stunning!!

  4. I am loving that dress! With those heels is really pretty!!! I like how the heels make the dress more girly! And that necklace is to die for! :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!!! :)


  5. I love all of these elements! Great job :)

  6. I have been saying that I am nearly as excited for the GG royal wedding as I was a year ago for the REAL royal wedding... le sigh. Team Chuck forever! XO