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Friday, January 20, 2012

I've Been Tagged!

Yay! Sweet, Sassy, Southern and Classy and KAH tagged me in a very fun blogger game. Their questions were so perfect and I loved playing along!

The rules:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've been tagged.
4. Tag eleven people and link them in your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them!!

Eleven fun facts about moi:

  1. I am flying home next week to finally meet my baby nephew and Godson, M. I just adore babies and am so excited to meet him and give him plenty of kisses.
  2. Maybe it's the fact I went to college in Wisconsin, but cheese (especially strong stinky cheese) is my absolute weakness other than sweets.
  3. My college bestie was actually in a different sorority than I was, and I always talked about her during recruitment to ladies as a great example of choosing the best chapter for yourself, even if it's not the same as your friends. This way I got twice as many friends as we got two chapters of well-rounded women to meet!
  4. An acquaintance recently introduced me to her friend with the line, "and she REALLY likes Lilly Pulitzer." Ha! I guess the Lilly lovin' isn't that subtle. . .
  5. In high school I either wanted to be a high school art teacher or a lawyer. Both are very far from my current job.
  6. I love taking notes and even take them sometimes while watching TV shows.
  7. I always wear jewelry. The joke in college was that you may see me without makeup on, but never without earrings.
  8. There were at least a couple years where I only wrote with pink RSVP pens.
  9. I wear dresses or skirts at least four or five days a week. In warm weather the number is probably closer to seven.
  10. I had the same teacher three times--kindergarten, fourth, and fifth grade.  I always joke now that she just couldn't get enough of me.
  11. The first time I took my driver's test I didn't pass because I didn't know what hazard lights were!

The questions from Sweet, Sassy, Southern and Classy:

  1. What is one thing on your bucket list you're dying to do? There are lots of places that I'd love to travel to that I haven't been to yet--topping that list would probably be an African safari or a trip to London/Scotland/Ireland.
  2. Are you a "glass half-full" or "glass half-empty" type of girl? Half-full for sure!
  3. What's your favorite perfume? I wore Benefit's Maybe Baby in college and my friends still say it makes them think of me.  Now I switch it up more but most frequently wear Lilly Beachy or Wink.
  4. Tell us something super embarrassing... a story or a trait you have! At work I get really horrible cell phone reception, so the bf, my parents, and both brothers have my direct line and call from time to time.  Last week I glanced at the number and thought it was my baby brother.  I answered in a very weird, super deep voice (think dweeb from an 80s teen movie mixed with a raspy Hannibal Lector) "Why--helllllloooooooooooo?"  Of course I don't need to tell you it was NOT my brother.  I hung up when they said hello because I was so embarrassed.  Definitely not my most professional moment. 
  5. What is one of your favorite quotes? There are so many!  The Audrey quote above is one that I think is always a great reminder to all to be kind and generous.
  6. What's your favorite beauty tip? I don't know if it really works, but I always warm up my eyelash curler with a blowdryer for a few seconds before I use it, and I think fake eyelashes are a Godsend for any event where there will be a lot of pictures.
  7. Describe your idea of the perfect day. I'd definitely get up early and run out for coffee and a chocolate croissant, watch morning tv while slowly getting ready for a day of shopping.  After shopping with girlfriends or my mom (and possibly an afternoon nap) I'd get a mani/pedi and a haircut before a fun dinner out with the bf and friends before heading to a fun lounge for champagne and cocktails.
  8. What are you scared of? Spiders for sure. Nothing gets me screaming like a creepy bug or spider.
  9. What's one of your favorite memories from your childhood? For one of my birthdays I got to fly out to see my Nana and Pop pop.  While I was gone, my parents made over my room and I returned to a pink princess room!  I had a castle border up for a very very long time. ;)
  10. Tell us one of your favorite beauty tips! I slather on the moisturizer all the time, but especially in the winter with extra vaseline around my eyes.
  11. What's your favorite Disney princess/movie? I love them all and have gone as Snow White on many Halloweens, but I know The Little Mermaid by heart.

Questions from KAH:

  1. Blackberry or Iphone? iPhone all the way. I hardly remember I have a work Blackberry and usually leave it off. Oops!
  2. Favorite accessory? Jewelry of all kinds, but I wear a lot of long necklaces.
  3. Chapstick or lipgloss? Both? I recently bought the Maybelline Baby Lips and I really like it in addition to my usual drawer full of glosses, and you can't beat a fun bright lipstick for days when you're feeling blah.
  4.  If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Top three would probably be: the bf's guacamole, pumpkin cheesecake, and the mango salad from a mexican restaurant near me.
  5. If you could move to any place in the world, where would it be? Paris! Oui oui oui!
  6. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends? Fridays I love to do happy hour or something similarly low-key like a movie and take-out. Saturdays I love shopping, crafting, and having friends over or going out to dinner. Sundays I love to do errands (and go to TJ Maxx) and cook.
  7. Do you plan your blogs or just post when you feel like it? I really really wish there was a bit more planning that I did. I'm working on doing some more posts in advance, but often I do them the day before or the day they're posted.
  8. What's your favorite movie theater snack? Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers, Milk Duds, Charleston Chews or pretty much any other candy. What can I say? I love sugar.
  9. If you could be on any game show on TV what would it be? I always loved Double Dare and The Newlywed Show.  I'd love to say I won Jeopardy.
  10. Who's your style icon? There are so many! Audrey, Blair, Reese, Jackie, Lilly--many beautiful women from the past and present that are very true to their own signature look.
  11. Why did you start blogging? I had so much fun reading other blogs and was excited to have an outlet in graduate school that focused on lovely things.

My questions for you:
1. What is your favorite month?
2.What children's (or young adult) book would you like to re-read now?
3. What song do you play on repeat?
4. If you had to dress head-to-toe in one color for the next month what would it be?
5. What celebrity do others say you most resemble?
6. What is the quality you most value in a significant other?
7. What language would you most like to learn?
8. If you could be any one character from a movie, tv show, play or book, who would it be and why?
9. Where would you like to go for your next vacation?
10. What's your favorite all-time Halloween costume?
11. If you had to change jobs tomorrow and could do anything you wanted, what would you do?

I'm tagging:
Classic Annie
Sundresses and Smiles 
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
The City Boy
Posh Peach

...and anyone else who wants to play along!  What are your answers?


  1. My mom Vaselines her eyes! She has forever, and has very few wrinkles! I never got into it, but maybe I should start...

    I just blog when I want too as well. Unless I go away for awhile and I get my act together.

    Thanks for the tag! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the tag--not 100% sure if I'll participate given my huge post today, haha! SO much to comment on: Is THAT precious baby your nephew? My two best friends at UVA were in different sororities too, and I also used it as a great talking point during rush! I feel naked without earrings as well! Love that Audrey quote and FINALLY, I will have to check out that Vaseline trick especially since MCW also says it's a good one!

  3. Yeah I love posts where you learn a little bit more about people!

    I love Paris too but London will always have my heart.

  4. this sounds fun...cant wait to do mine!

  5. love.

    writing my post now.

    you are SO creative. i love this post!