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Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Fancies On Wisconsin!

The University of Wisconsin-Madison was the perfect fit for me in college.  I adored everything about my experience, from meeting lots of besties, sitting on the Terrace, getting to live in the prettiest house ever, strolling down State Street and spending way too much money at Bop, lots of late night Ben and Jerrys runs at Tags, poli sci classes with cute TAs, people watching at Starbucks, fraternity theme parties, and of course, meeting SHS.

Although Wisconsin isn't advancing to the Elite 8 this year, I'll be cheering on the rest of the Big 10 (ie: playing on pinterest) while SHS watches more basketball this weekend.

I bought a pair of red jeans this fall, and they're perfect for Badger Gamedays! I'd add a perfect white blouse, fun printed flats, and my favorite Christmas present from SHS--the J.Crew red bubble necklace. Red nails and red lips help add to the fun spirit, and classy jewelry (still obsessed with my ring and drooling over a new Kate Spade watch) pulls the look together without being too over the top.  Pass the Wisconsin cheese and you're set to cheer! Go Big Red!

On Wisconsin!

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  1. Very cute! ♥ Hope you visit my blog sometime! ♥ Have a great weekend!http://organicglam.blogspot.com/

  2. Loving the red this would make such a casually chic outfit! Happy Friday ~

  3. Love the red neck-less. It is looking so pretty... Exam Sheets

  4. I love love love the statement necklace! I'm dying to find one that is slightly cheaper. :) Have a good weekend girl!

  5. So cute - I am so jealous that you came up with something as fun as this! UMD wasn't even close to the action this year, so I'm jealous that you got to make an outfit this adorable!

    Hope your weekend was fabulous!

  6. Jump around!!! I was sporting my red too...and was in a very foul mood when they lost. Love your blog and congrats on the upcoming wedding..how fun! :)

  7. so, i don't "do" sports, but i suppose if i did, this would be exactly how i would do. tres chic ;)

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