“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”--Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Question Game

Yesterday The Suburban Princess posted her answers to fun questions she found on The Enchanted Home and I love getting to know you questions, so I thought I'd play along! 

 If there could only be one season year round which would you choose?

This is really really difficult for me.  Although I always said winter was my favorite season (with the snow, my birthday, the holidays, cozy fires and skiing), I can't imagine it being cold year round as I'm ready for spring after Valentine's, so a milder summer of lazy days and Lilly dresses or a non-snowy autumn full of plaids and wool blazers would probably win for year round.

You get to spend a month in Europe, and can only go to one place..is it Italy or France?

I bet everyone here knows this answer--France, s'il vous plait! ;)  Can't wait to go in June 2013 for my honeymoon.

Red wine, white wine or champagne?

Of course I never turn down some bubbly as it's my go-to, but I do enjoy a nice glass of red or white as well.

Dogs or cats?

Sadly I am deathly allergic to both, but hopefully someday SHS and I can find a hypo-allergenic dog after we find a house with a yard.

One word that best describes your life right now.

Bliss.  (With runners up gratitude, giddiness, and contentment.)

One job you haven't had that would be a dream job.

Today Show (4th hour) co-anchor with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

 One famous person you would love to meet.

So it's not exactly one person, but I'd love to host a luncheon for all of the past (and current) First Ladies and Vice Presidents' wives.  I'm sure they would all have fascinating stories of life in The White House and about all of the campaigns and public service programs they get to lead in their very special roles.

One movie that you could watch again and again.

Father of the Bride.  I watched it on my TV/VCR combo non stop in college while studying, cleaning my room, getting ready to go out, or just snuggling in my bed.  Breakfast at Tiffany's, Parent Trap, Sex and the City, Clueless and Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement would round out the list.

You are given a plane ticket to fly anywhere in the world this weekend, where are you going?

Minnesota to get to kiss my perfect baby nephew, M. and see the rest of my family.

One decade you wish you could have lived in (including this one).

If I got to go to cocktail parties at Don Draper's or Lilly Pulitzer's homes, the 60s would definitely win. I have recently been enamored with glamorous visions of mod shifts, Lilly maxis, and champagne in vintage coupes.

If you had to change your name, what would you name yourself?

I loved the name Anne for a very long time, but usually gave Madeline, Maggie, or Caroline if giving a fake name in a shady bar. ;)

What about you? I'd love to hear some of your answers!  Also, if you're new or haven't said hello lately, say hello and I'll be sure to stop by.


  1. I would def go with Father of the bride too! I have to watch it everytime it's on!

  2. I could never decided what season is my favorite! Such a hard question. Probably why I could never live in FL!

  3. love these questions.... we have a lot in common, sweet girl. xo.