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Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Wear Lilly to Work!

Tomorrow is National Wear Your Lilly Day!  As tomorrow is a weekday, I thought tips and hints about wearing your Lilly to work may help everyone get ready for tomorrow.

1.  Try a shirtdress!  These work in many offices, and you can include a blazer or cardigan on top.  Add a pair of conservative pumps and pearls.

Try a shirtdress!

2.  If you work in a more business casual setting, you may be able to wear lots of your favorite daytime Lilly dresses.  (Just make sure it is long enough and you have a cardigan for office air conditioning!)

Wear your favorite dress!

3.  Murfees, Elsas, and bright cardigans can bring a lot of pop to business slacks. 

Add a pop of color

4.  Any desk can be much brighter with your favorite Lilly accessories!

Don't forget the accessories!

What are you wearing tomorrow?


  1. Hooray for National Wear Your Lilly Day! I'm already planning my outfit... XO

  2. Love this post because you're right, it is hard to wear lilly to work! I'm either going to do a navy shift with a white cardigan or white lilly pants with a fun top. ....and try to stay professional while I do it!

  3. love love love! i'm not sure what i'm wearing tomorrow... but definitely something lilly and lovely!

  4. I had no idea this was happening! I'm going to pack a Lilly shift for my trip then!

  5. Thank GOOOOOOOODNESS I am not working! I am on summer break and at the beach. Therefore, since tomorrow is a HUGE Holiday, I will be wearing a Lilly bikini with Lilly beach towels! Dinner tomorrow night will be in total Lilly...skirt, golf shirt, and sandles and don't forget the jewelry and sunnies! Best day of the SUMMER!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  6. love this! tomorrow I'll be lounging on the beach in my Lilly suit and coverup!


  7. Love this post! I plan to wear my worth shift {actually my blog photo} & a cardigan tomorrow.

  8. I love National Wear Your Lilly Day! I wish I had a Murfee scarf to go with my outfit. I really need to buy one.