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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

National Wear Your Lilly Day!

Today's the day!

Today the bf wore my his favorite Lilly tie in the pink Jubilee toile with his suit to work.  I told him that if anyone at work knew it was National Wear Your Lilly Day, they'd be very impressed.

Tres unfortunate photo.  Sorry!

I am pulling a lesson from my old playbook and wearing multiple outfits today.

And of course, a spritz of Lilly's Beachy fragrance.

What are you wearing?


  1. Do you know how sad it makes me to say that I own not a single Lilly item? So sad. So, so sad. I feel like I'm a prepster impersonator. I'm such a faker.

  2. Got on some Lilly jeans, a Lilly polo, Lilly belt, and carrying a Lilly handbag. Just had to show my Lilly spirit!!

  3. Super cute and love that you spritzed your beachy fragrance too!

  4. I spent the day by the pool which was FABULOUS, but I sadly do not own a Lilly bathing suit so no Lilly was worn today! Maybe tomorrow I'll opt for a pair of Callahans!

  5. I had on my lilly suit and coverup in floaters. And to dinner I wore some new callahans and a wynne top!


  6. Love that your bf wore Lilly too!! I would be so excited if a man wore Lilly on national wear lilly day to the office :) I didn't even think about wearing my perfume as well! Hehe.