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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lilly Loves

Last night's fabulous Lilly twitter party was an absolute blast, and I realized that I haven't shared my favorite new Lilly, and this is a perfect post for Daphne's (Semi) Wordless Wednesday!

I hope to pick the Junior League scarf up at an event at my local Lilly store in a couple weeks.

It would match my cocktail pink Elsa that I wore out last weekend.

I would switch between these--

And these everyday this summer.

I could wear this Shauna as it begins to warm up and to meetings when I pretend to be a bit more conservative.

Love the Adelson in Hotty Pink It Can Be Arranged.  (I also think this might be my mother's favorite.)

I can't wait to try on the Keetan.  I love Hotty Pink First Impression in everything.

And in Classic White Little Lilet.

The Wyatt would be adorable all summer long.

I just adore the Del Mar for work.  (I wore last year's Giddy Up nonstop.)

Last, but not least, a very strong contender for the graduation dress: The Eryn.

I love love love Calendar Girl and Let them Eat Cake, but many of the items are sold out online already.  If you love them too, you should scoop them up fast!  What are you drooling over?  Did you participate in the twitter party?


  1. Love it all! I've thought are getting The Eryn for my graduation dress too! But I'm thinking of stepping out of my box & getting it in yellow since I have so many pink dresses.

  2. I loooove soooo many of these! Perhaps we could each buy half of them and then just share? Hahaha.

  3. I LOVE THE WHATT!!! And the pink/green sandals. I saw those yesterday on her site. How flippin presh are those? Did you score anything on Rue La La at the LP sale this morning??

    Thanks for linking up and back to me sweetie.

    PS- you better open that bottle before I come do it for ya!!


  4. Oh my ... love them ALL! I guess besides Dear Hubs requesting a full audit of the household financials if they all showed up at the same time, I would probably need a Lilly 12 step program or intervention! All so adorable - first priority are those wedges and that cute scarf! Can't wait!


  5. I lovveeee the wedges! I joined the twitter party but I didn't win : (
    Have a great day!
    xo, kmw

  6. Adore every single one of your picks. Can Lilly do anything wrong? I think not.
    PS - How did I not know about the Lilly twitter party? So sad I missed it - hope you had a ball! XO

  7. I am so impressed with the Lilly collection this year. i feel like I could actually wear it and it wouldnt be too old for me.